Hot springs are fantastic to visit any time of year, but nothing beats soaking in warm healing waters when it turns cold outside.


The steam rising off the water provides a gentle therapy to stressed minds, and the ceiling of stars overhead is perfect for star gazing. Here are five favorite hot springs in Hainan to visit this winter – and any other time of year you please!


Volcanic mineral hot springs theme park at Mission Hills Resort Haikou 海口观澜湖温泉度假区

The volcanic hot springs theme park at Mission Hills Resort Haikou is the largest area of its kind, at a size of 44,000 sq m. The hot spring site offers a total of 14 cold and hot spring pools surrounded by lush green gardens. The main park comprises six themed areas so that people can experience different hot spring traditions and cultures originated from six continents.


The natural water has temperatures between 15 degrees Celsius and 43 degrees Celsius. The water is taken from underground depths of 800 meters, and contains a variety of healthy minerals. It was tested by the British Institute of International quality certification as a high-quality water with functional therapies.   


Guantang Hot Springs Resort 琼海官塘温泉度假区

Healing Guantang Hot Springs have long been a favorite destination for people from all walks of life seeking to benefit from the medicinal properties of natural mineral waters rising up from deep within the earth.


It is about 8 km to the southwest of Jiaji Town, Qionghai City. Water temperatures at Guantang Hot Spring range between 70 degrees Celsius and 90 degrees Celsius. Daily water flow is about 10,000 tones.


At present, four luxury hotels are operating there, providing perfect leisure-making facilities and quality tourist services.


Qixian Mountain Hot Springs Resort 保亭七仙岭温泉度假区

The Qixianling hot spring region is located at the foot of the south side of Qixianling National Rainforest Park. It is a beautiful area, high up in the clouds and a good 2-hour drive from downtown Sanya.


The development zone takes the hot springs as a principal draw for its ecological tourism vacation area. The hot springs boast high temperatures and sodium silicate water, which is a kind of ideal mineral water perfect for medical use.


If you are looking for a weekend hideaway, there are a number of hot springs-themed hotels in the region, such as Doubletree Resort by Hilton and Narada, that ensuring a close encounter with nature.


Xinglong Hot Springs Scenic Resort 万宁兴隆温泉度假区

The hot spring here is enclosed by a pond and there are several mouths to the spring, making it look just like a string of jade beads. There are many hotels located at the hot spring area, with the villa style as the area’s main architectural theme.


Famed for the healing effects of its rich natural mineral waters, Xinglong Hot Spring Scenic Resort offers its guests quality hotel accommodations, fine restaurants and all the ingredients for a healthy holiday including massage, gymnasium, and swimming pools. Water temperatures at the outdoor hot spring remain near 60 degrees all around the year and are believed to have a curative effect on arthritis, skin disorders and other maladies.


Xinglong Hot Spring Scenic Resort is located at the state-owned Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm east of Wanning City. Visitors to the resort are also invited to explore the fascinating Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden and the nearby Xinglong Tropical Garden.


Nantian Hot Springs Resort 三亚南田温泉度假区

Located near Haitang Bay area, the Nantian Hot Springs Resort is less than an hour drive from Sanya city center. The spring’s temperatures remain at around with 57 degrees Celsius year-round.


There are over 34 hot spring pools with different aromatherapies ranging from red wine scented pools to coffee, vanilla, medicinal herbs, and coconut milk.


The resort offers hot spring holidays, recreation, health care, beauty treatments, and commercial events.

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