Wenchang is located on the northeast coast of Hainan Province. The friendly and dynamic city has been the cultural center of Hainan for centuries.
The city houses the Confucius Temple, one of best preserved examples of ancient architecture in Hainan, and Wenchang School, a prestigious school funded by overseas Chinese.
Wenchang is the ancestral home for over a million overseas Chinese, mainly in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. These immigrants have influenced the lifestyle back in Wenchang.
Tourists can enjoy Wenchang’s signature dishes such as Wenchang Chicken and Baoluo Rice Noodles. 
Here is a list of 11 fun facts about Wenchang, Hainan.
1. Wenchang is the only city in Hainan not populated by ethnic groups.
Wenchang is the source of most overseas Hainanese migrants, and the city is populated by the Chinese Han people.
2. Wenchang has the longest coastline on Hainan Island. It stretches 278.5 kilometers.
3. Qinglan Port in Wenchang is the second largest fishing port in Hainan.
It is a state-level first-class open port and it has been the main supply base for the outlying islands in the South China Sea.
4. Located on the northeast coast of Hainan, Wenchang is surrounded by the ocean on three sides.
5. Wenchang is China’s fourth “space city.”
The Wenchang Satellite Launch Center is located in Longlou Town (龙楼镇). This is China’s fourth and southernmost space vehicle launch facility.
6. Wenchang has five types of diverse topography including 2.99 million acres of plains, 400 acres of tableland, 178,600 acres of hilly plains, 56,000 acres of beach sand and 14,200 acres of butte.
7. There are six types of diverse soil in Wenchang: soil suitable for paddy fields, red brick clay, tidal sand, coastal salt marsh soil, coastal salt soil, and coastal sandy soil.
8. Qizhou Islands, also known as Qizhou Liedao, is a prominent attraction preserving an unspoiled and undeveloped habitat in Wenchang.
The islands consist of seven small islets from south to north, distributed along 13.2 km of ocean. They are, namely, Nanzhi Islet, Duifan Islet, Pingzhi Islet, Gouluanfu Islet, Dengzhi Islet and Beizhi Islet.
9. Wenchang is rich in eight natural resources, namely, sunshine, blue seawater, white beaches, lush greenery, good air quality, beautiful islands, unique culture, and idyllic gardens.
10. Wenchang is well-known for nine special attributes.
Wenchang is well-known for its overseas Hainanese, huge coconut plantations, Chinese calligraphy, long lives, culture, generals, its love of volleyball, its space launch center, and for being the ancestral home of the famous Soong sisters.
11. Wenchang’s top 10 natural attractions.
They are Bamen Bay Greenways, Tonggu Ridge, Moon Bay, Dongjiao Coconut Plantation, Fengjia Bay, the Satellite Launch Center, Qizhou Islands, Gaolong Bay, Mulan Lighthouse, and Baohu Ridge.