Hainan is a paradise for hikers, trekkers and mountain climbers of all skill levels.

Central Hainan is blessed with shapely mountains to match the expectations and test the skills of beginning, intermediate and expert climbers. There are many delightful hikes that stop short of being intensive climbs. The scenery is breathtaking and there’s lots of culture along the way.
If you are feeling adventurous, here are some popular mountains for scenic hikes in Hainan:
Wuzhi Mountain 五指山
City: Wuzhishan City
Height: 1,876 meters
Wuzhi Mountain is the highest mountain in Hainan, towering 1,876 meters above the center of Hainan Island. The wavering peaks of Wuzhi Mountain resemble five fingers, thus it is called “Five Fingers Mountain” in Chinese.
Ascending the mountains is laborious but your heroic effects will give you an opportunity to view a variety of plants as you climb higher. The mountain is home to some of the 2,000 species of plants, 1,700 species of insects and about 500 species of animals ( 100 species of animals are under China’s animal projection scheme and on the endangered list of animals) that endemic here.
Meanwhile, don’t miss the awesome sight of Wuzhi waterfall, cascading from the first peak, at a height of 1,000m. At the base of the mountain, drop by the Miao museum and learn about the culture of another of Hainan’s ethnic minority groups.
Diaoluo Mountain 吊罗山
City: Lingshui County
Height: 1,519 meters
Set in 38,000 hectares of dense rainforest, Diaoluo Mountain is a nature lovers’ magnet.
Diaoluo Mountain is the largest park in the east of Hainan that is still relatively unexplored. There are 3,500 species of plants – with 250 kinds of orchids. Diaoluo Mountain has the most number of waterfalls among all the national parks in Hainan.
There are several hotels to stay at around the area, including the Diaoluo Mountain Holiday Resort –a 3-star hotel situated 900m above sea level, or you can pitch a tent within the rainforest. This way you can wake up to the fresh morning air and start the day early by exploring various attractions such as Xiaomei Lake.
Jianfeng Mountain 尖峰岭
City: Ledong County
Height: 1,412 meters
If you want to experience the natural attractions of Hainan Island all at once, Jianfeng Mountain is the place to go.
There are 2,800 species of plants, 4,300 species of animals and 215 species of birds. Twenty species of endangered animals such as the Hainan Gibbon and Golden Coin Leopard are found in the park. This tropical reserve also hosts about 500 species of butterflies.
Hiring a guide is imperative. Ascending the Jianfeng mountain you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of what the local people hail as the Fours Seas: a sea of mountain, a sea of clouds, a sea of mist and a sea view of the South China Sea.
The tour to Jianfeng Mountain is highlighted by Tian Chi, which literally means Heavens Lake. As expected, its extraordinarily serene surface creates a perfect reflection of the sky as well as the rainforest-covered mountains above.
Limu Mountain 黎母山
City: Qiongzhong County
Height: 1,412 meters
Limu Mountain is situated in Qiongzhong County of central Hainan Province, with its highest altitude at 1,412 meters.
Climbing up the winding roads into the hills, you will be struck by the beauty of the area. The air is fresh, carrying the scent of tropical and sub-tropical trees and wildflowers growing on the slopes. If you are lucky enough to have a bright, sunny day, then shifting powder-puff clouds casting shadows on the rolling hills will surely amaze you.
Limu Mountain is a sacred place for the Li nationality people, the earliest inhabitants of Hainan Province, who still retain a simple lifestyle with unique traditional customs.
Qixian Mountain 七仙岭
City: Baoting County
Height: 1,126 meters
Located within Baoting National Rainforest Park, Qixian Mountain rises 1,126 meters above sea level. The seven peaks provide a challenging climb through verdant rainforest. The path up the mountain is paved, with several resting points along the path where snacks and drinks are sometimes sold. It overlooks a stream with many small waterfalls.
At the foot of the mountain, there are many hot spring resorts which can privide a relaxing soak after a hard day’s climb.