Tunchang County is located in central Hainan, 85 km away from Haikou. Tunchang County is covered in virgin forests, with mountainous land accounting for 75 percent of the county. Jiju Ridge is the highest peak in Tunchang County. Tunchang is known for betel nut and Chinese herb cultivation.

There are a number of well-known tourist spots located in the county including Muse Lake, Wolong Mountain, and a scented garden that opened in 2014.
Here are some recommendations:
Tunchang Oil Painting Street 屯昌油画步行街
Tunchang Oil Painting Street, developed from a local residential area into a new art zone, is becoming a magnet for oil painting copies in Hainan.
The street is a central cultural hub in its own right. There are about 24 painting shops. Piles and piles of paintings are on stand-by as you enter the shop fronts, which specialize in different styles.
The street is a great place to go for those want to give a personal painting to someone special. Visitors can bring a photo and show it to any of the many talented artists, request any size or style, and the artists will produce a painting of top-notch quality!
Xiangshan Scented Garden 梦幻香山芳香文化园
Located at Yuezhai Village, Tuncheng Town, Xiangshan Scented Garden is a beautiful place to enjoy the breathtaking array of colors of hundreds of types of flowers.
The garden spans about 1,000 acres of land containing a wide range of aromatic flower species. Some of the main aromatic plants that can be spotted here are lavender, rose, aloes, rosemary, basil, oregano and mint.
This garden also has various tropical trees growing together in certain areas, including rosewood and wild rubber. The colorful mixture makes this area of the garden appear more illuminated and has been know to attract more tourists.
Wolong Mountain 卧龙山
Wolong Mountain contains four peaks, all with unique and different shapes. At the foot of the mountain is a beautiful old glacial lake, “Long Lake,” which will soon be developed into an eco-tourism centre, as part of Hainan’s sustainable tourism development.
Additional features in the area are magnificent stone scenes. Adventurous rock climbers enjoy the challenge of navigating 10- to 20-meter-high rocks of various shapes.
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