Baisha County, located in the central western area of Hainan Province, is about two to three hours away from Haikou and Sanya by car. There are roads connecting Baisha to Wuzhishan, Qiongzhong and Ledong.
Although the local population is a mix of Han, Li and Miao peoples, the majority of the people in this area are Li people.
Baisha is an important agricultural region producing rubber, cassava and sugar cane.
The tropical mountain climate of Baisha is warm, with long hours of sunshine. The area is full of water features, and the main rivers are the Nankai River, Shilu River and Zhubi River.
If you come to Baisha for a visit, you can do the following things:
Make a splash at the Hongkan Waterfall 红坎瀑布
Located 24 km southeast of Baisha County, the Hongkan Waterfall has a maximum drop of 145 meters. The waterfall’s flow adjusts seasonally, and a reservoir behind the waterfall holds back some of the water.
The waterfall not only serves as a tourist attraction, but also serves as the source of electricity for the people of Baisha.
Have a fun day at Baisha Cold Springs 白沙冷泉
Baisha Cold Springs are the perfect place to go when you want to cool down!
The Baisha Cold Springs is a truly rare natural spring with water temperatures of 23°C.
Discovered in 1980, the springs have a high mineral content. Many visitors enjoy the health benefits of soaking in the cold spring water.
Go on an adventure to Baisha Meteor Crater 白沙陨石坑
The Baisha Meteor Crater is located in Baisha Farm, Yacha Town. The crater’s diameter is 3.7 kilometers. It was the first crater found in China.
Dating back 700,000 years, an asteroid crashed here and exploded to form a crater. Rows of tea trees grow on the gentle lower slopes of the crater.
Electronic equipment has been known to malfunction here due to strong magnetic fields.
Taste authentic Baisha Green Tea 白沙绿茶
Baisha Green Tea is a famous specialty in Hainan.
The Hainan Baisha State Farm is an important production base for Baisha green tea cultivation, which provides high quality green tea that is great for gifts.
Baisha green tea is popularly used in Chinese Medicine to fight cancer.
Baisha green tea has won many awards. Since 1991, it has been certified as a green food product by the China Green Food Development Center. In 2004, the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision started to protect Baisha green tea as an original product.

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