The National Day holiday is a perfect time to travel. Hainan residents who aren’t interested in a long trip might try a quiet getaway in a local rural village.


Villages in Chengmai County enjoy a reputation for having the most beautiful countryside in Hainan. Visitors who explore Chengmai will see that each village has own its appeal, which is formed by the villages’ varying traditional lifestyles, well-protected architecture, and pristine ecological landscapes.


To truly get a feel for the county, make time to visit some of the beautiful rural villages in Chengmai.


Luoyi Village 罗驿村


Luoyi Village in Chengmai County of Hainan is an historical and cultural village with a history of more than 800 years.


It is said the village was founded at the end of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127 to 1279).


Chengmai was twice honored as a "longevity hometown" of China (for its residents’ long lifespans), and then of the world, in 2009 and 2012, respectively. Luoyi village is among the 10 largest “longevity villages” in Chengmai.


The Village is located in a volcanic rock area, so its water and soil are rich in selenium, a chemical element said to help prevent aging. Aside from the fine ecological environment, a tradition of respecting elderly people also contributes to longevity here.


About 120 stone houses stand around the two pools in the village. Houses and lanes in the village are built with volcanic rocks.


The villagers share the same surname "Li,” and more than 100 of the locals are over 80 years old. The oldest local is 106 years old, winning Luoyi fame as a "longevity village.”


Damei Village 大美村


Located at the Jinjiang Township, the Damei Village is built on the lava landscape featuring a unique volcanic stone culture. The whole village was almost completely built with lava stones, including the village walls, houses, pavement, and tools.


Among the rough and plain-looking buildings in the village, visitors can find a number of homes that are finely decorated and very beautiful. In these homes, the room and walls are sometimes built with an entire piece of stone instead of many stones.


There are 12 lava stone-paved roads winding through the village connecting each home. The surface of the road has been worn bare after decades of use.


Shijue Village 石矍村


In Laocheng Town Development District, near Chengmai Bay, is a village called Shijue.


Shijue Village is home to some 300 households and has a population of 5,000 people. Here the villagers all share the same surname "Feng.”


The land is rich, with a tropical climate and plenty of rainfall. Tropical crops such as sugarcane produce bountiful harvests.


As the locals make full use of the area’s special geological and climactic conditions, village life here centers around agriculture and fishing, just as it has for countless generations.