Wenchang is located on the northeast coast of Hainan Province. The friendly and dynamic city has been the cultural center of Hainan for centuries.


The city houses the Confucius Temple, one of best preserved examples of ancient architecture in Hainan, and Wenchang School, a prestigious school funded by overseas Chinese.


Wenchang is the ancestral home for over a million overseas Chinese, mainly in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. These immigrants have influenced the lifestyle back in Wenchang. During the day, people enjoy hanging out in a cafe with a cup of tea and a slice of cake. At night, they may play table tennis and dance Tango in Wenchang Park.


The city also has a number of well known scenic spots offering unique natural settings and camera-and-hike-worthy views.


Dongjiao Yelin 东郊椰林


Located on the north coast of Qinglan Port, Dongjiao Yelin is a beautiful, quiet spot to spend a few days.


As a local saying goes, "Wenchang produces half of the coconuts in Hainan while Dongjiao Yelin produces half of the coconuts in Wenchang.” Dongjiao Yelin has an extensive coconut plantation, with more than 500,000 trees lining the stunning beach resort area.


There is a coconut park, a good number of seaside guesthouses and many seafood restaurants. Visitors can enjoy coconut juice, fresh seafood and bathe under the sunlight in the coconut forest.


Tonggu Ridge 铜鼓岭


Tonggu Ridge provides an easy escape from the bustling city of Wenchang to enjoy stunning views of the northeast coastline of Hainan Island covered by hundreds of thousands of coconut trees. The road is well-constructed and paved and it only takes 40 minutes to go to the top.


Bamen Bay 八门湾


Bamen Bay Greenways, located in Wenchang county in Hainan Province, has all the required natural resources for a beautiful greenway, namely the sea, river, port, bay, greenery, and rich local culture to develop it as a good spot for a cycling holiday.


Stone Park 石头公园


Stone Park is located within the Tonggu Ridge Natural Reserve in Wenchang City, extending two km from east to west. It is a place not that well-known by outsiders.


Wenchang Stone Park is noteworthy for the magnificent scenery of its rocky coastline. There are thousands of igneous rocks, naturally formed by both weathering and wave erosion, along with small beach coves, green countrysides, and hilly terrain. There is also an arced beach that when viewed from a certain height resembles a giant basket containing beautiful colored pebbles.


Da’ao Bay 大澳湾


Da’ao Bay, located at the foot of Tonggu Ridge, is still a virgin land with unspoiled, pristine beauty. The vista at Da’ao Bay is spectacular. The white sands are not its only attraction; the clear blue waters and the verdant rolling hills are spectacular.


Visitors who want more than a day trip can also bring their own tents to stay on the island.


However, during spring and autumn the beach is not ideal for casual swimming due to the hard breaking waves and tidal turbulence.


Yunlong Bay 云龙湾


Yunlong Bay, lies at the mouth of Wenchang City, is a semi-desolate area that guarantees privacy and tranquility away from the expected tourist zones.


The area is home to a fishing group of people living in an idyllic environment adequate for diving and other marine activities. The best thing about going underwater at Yunlong Bay is the absence of traffic above and under the sea plus close interaction with the locals.


Once underwater, you will be treated to a great assembly of hermit crabs, sea urchins, starfish, and kelp.