Qizhou Islands in Wenchang City
Located the northeastern coast of Wenchang City, the Qizhou Islands, also known as Qizhou Liedao, is a prominent attraction preserving an unspoiled and undeveloped habitat.
The islands consist of seven small islets from south to north, distributed along 13.2 km of ocean. They are, namely, Nanzhi Islet, Duifan Islet, Pingzhi Islet, Gouluanfu Islet, Dengzhi Islet and Beizhi Islet.
As you approach Qizhou, the first thing you spot is a trio of islets. The southernmost island, Nanzhi Islet is known for its six conjoining hills and a flatland area for bird watching. Travel 20 minutes further north and you’ll see the four remaining islets. The northernmost islet is home to the largest population of seagulls in Hainan Province.
Here, visitors can get away from the masses by exploring the handful of caves and rock formations found on the island. Over the years, the mechanical erosion of the waves has formed many sea caves on the islets. Low tide reveals many hidden passages and chambers, perfect for cave exploration.
Surrounded by the azure water of the South China Sea, the islands are great fishing spots; fish and marline are commonly spotted here. The best months for fishing are from April to October. Visitors should try to avoid the winter season as the sea becomes choppy and the islands sometimes are engulfed by fog.
Since the island is still relatively undiscovered by tourists, it is recommended to take a boat ride from Moon Bay there which usually takes about an hour with the help of a tour operator.