Located on the east coast of Hainan Island, Qionghai is conveniently located; it takes about one hour to reach Haikou and Sanya respectively by high-speed train.
Qionghai is a budding tourism city full of charm. This fertile land of the area features a long history, interesting culture, and rich natural resources.
Many overseas Chinese have settled in Qionghai. The city boasts the beautiful Wanquan River, and is also home to the Red Womens Army. The annual Bo’ao Forum for Asia takes place here and attracts worldwide attention.
Among the many tropical tourist attractions in the city, scenic towns are one of the most appealing.
Bo’ao Town 博鳌镇
Located next to the eastern coast of Qionghai City, Bo’ao Town is one of the enchanting towns in the region covering an area of only two square kilometers.
Bo’ao, once a town of 15,000 residents fishing and farming to make a living, has turned into a world-famous conference venue after becoming the permanent venue for the annual Bo’ao Forum for Asia since 2001. 
Visitors can also wander the town’s streets, enjoy a cup of coffee at a stylish café bar, or jump in a small fishing boat to experience the unique charm of this town.
Tanmen Town 潭门镇
Tanmen Town is an ancient fishing town famous for its fresh seafood and shell crafts.
Tanmen Town has the only natural deepwater bay in the east of Hainan. Tanmen Port in the region is now emerging as a major seafood destination with plenty of delicious options for foodies, gourmands and anyone else who enjoys good seafood.
During the annual fishing season between August and February, Tanmen Port is bustling with fishing boats returning from ocean fishing expeditions, fully loaded with seafood products.
If you want to enjoy the sea faraway from land, you can choose to take a fishing boat. A trip on a fishing boat not only can provides a spectacular view of the sea, but also can offer tourists a glimpse into lives of fishermen.
Zhongyuan Town 中原镇
The town of Zhongyuan in Qionghai is another area that consists of Chinese returnees who once lived in Nanyang — the term for Southeast Asian countries and regions such as Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia.
Taking a stroll along the streets you will notice the exotic architectural styles of Southeast Asia. Such buildings are usually called Qilou. Most of the residents retain the lifestyle and customs of Southeast Asian countries.
In this town, the pace of life is quite slow. People live in Qilou houses, enjoying their afternoons drinking coffee, eating snacks and chatting with friends.