If you’re hoping to enjoy scenic tropical vistas over a long holiday, Wanning in Hainan is a good choice for you. Wanning is not as crowded as Sanya, and it offers plenty of interesting places to see.


Wanning, located on the southeast coast of Hainan province, is known as a “garden city” because it is dotted with natural gardens.


It’s easy to have a fun holiday in Wanning by checking out the city’s hotspots, listed below:


Dongshan Mountain 东山岭


The mountain area covers some 10 square kilometers and is 184 meters high at its peak. Picturesque scenery includes coral reefs, strange stones, and lush greenery. Many stones are carved with ancient calligraphy in red ink.


Dongshan Mountain is also the birthplace of Hainan Buddhist culture, as well as a center of Southern Buddhism. The area is home to a number of temples, most of which were built during the Tang Dynasty, including the Chaoyin Temple, Dongling Temple and Zhenwu Temple.


If you are lucky enough to get a chance to take part in a Buddhist ritritual here, you’re sure to never forget it. Moreover, Zhegu (Chinese francolin) Tea and Dongshan Sheep are most well-known goods produced in Wanning.


Yongfan Flower Garden 永范花海


First opened to public during the 2014 National Day holiday, the Yongfan Flower Garden has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Wanning.


Visitors have the chance to see the exhibit of over 1,000 acres of garden beds of all different colors during the day, featuring a variety of species, including chrysanthemum, lotus, sunflower, bougainvillea, and other aromatic plants. In the garden, visitors can enjoy idyllic beauty along the two-km wooden path.


Xinglong Tropical Garden 兴隆热带植物园


Xinglong Tropical Garden covers an area of more than 6.7 square kilometers and has 4,000 kinds of plants. It’s a perfect place for visitors to enjoy nature, and is famous for its unique and abundant tropical plants.


Longyuan Coffee Manor 兴隆隆苑有机咖啡园


Longyuan Coffee Manor is the first coffee growing and processing base established in China.


The manor is set on a 13-acre coffee plantation, offering visitors a chance to get close to nature. When the coffee plants blossom from April to May, the dense clusters of white flowers perfume the air all around. During harvest season, visitors can take part in the work by donning traditional bamboo hats and collecting beans in bamboo baskets.


At Longyuan Coffee Manor, visitors can not only enjoy tasting the coffee but also seeing how it is made. In the traditional way, the coffee beans are roasted and then ground in a stone mill to be brewed in a big iron kettle. The mixture is stirred, and then the brewers simply wait as the aroma seeps out.


The pace of life in Wanning is generally quite slow. A visitor can sip his or her drink while sitting in a wooden armchair under a tree, whiling away the day with the aroma of coffee wafting on the breeze, and sunshine slanting through the leaves. Such a setting is sure to put visitors in a happy mood.