Hainan is rich in water and rivers. So naturally the island has many bridges with their own unique structure, shape, and size.
Here is a list of bridges worth visiting known for their traffic, unique design, or historical significance. When you visit Hainan, you’re bound to see at least a couple of these.
Yangpu Bridge, Danzhou
Yangpu Bridge, with a total length of 3.3 km, is the longest sea-crossing bridge in Hainan. The bridge was open to traffic in April, 2014 and quickly became one of the most popular landmarks in Danzhou City.
Baihua Bridge, Qiongzhong
Baihua Bridge is one of the most photogenic bridges in Qiongzhong County. The bridge features bright red coloring and elaborate design work on its roof with Li and Miao ethnic characteristics
The bridge is 204 meters long, 16 meters wide, and 18 meters tall. It is the main passage linking Qiongzhong downtown and Baihua Ridge.
Sanya Pedestrian Bridge
The Sanya pedestrian bridge, also called Lovers’ Bridge, is centrally located on the Sanya River, and is a highlight of the Sanya cityscape.
Constructed in 2004, the bridge is 250 meters long and 4 meters wide.
At night, the bridge is particularly beautiful, with lights dotting the structure. Visitors enjoy the walkway for its intimate view of the city.
Century Bridge, Haikou
Haikou Century Bridge links the main part of Haikou City to Haidian Island, a district separated from Hainan Island by the Nandu River. Haikou Century Bridge project started in 1998 and was completed in 2003.
The bridge is 2,683 meters long and 29.8 meters wide, and is passable for both automobiles and pedestrians.
Qinglan Bridge, Wenchang
The Qinglan Bridge is the second sea-crossing bridge connecting Qinglan Town and Dongjiao Town over the Qinglan Bay.
It is 1,828 meters long and 34 meters wide. This cable-stayed bridge has two A-shaped towers that are 105.81 meters tall.
The bridge is also used for transportation related to the Wenchang Satellite Launch Center. It is considered the most earthquake-resistant bridge in China, being able to handle an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.5 on the Richter scale.
Yelin Bridge, Lingshui
Yelin Bridge is 172 meters long and 12.5 meters wide. It is one of the three bridges built across the Lingshui River, providing convenient passage between Yelin Town and Guangpo Town.
The bridge is particularly beautiful at night, with lights dotting its structure. It has become a highlight of the cityscape.
Jiaji Bridge, Qionghai
The Jiaji Bridge, built in 1953, is one of Hainan’s earliest big bridges. It was of great military significance during World War II, for it is the only bridge across the Wanquan River, which is wide at this point, making access and fording very difficult.
The old bridge is now badly damaged by a series of seasonal floods. For safety reasons, it was knocked down in November 2007 and replaced by a new bridge with a length of 803 meters and a width of 34 meters.

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