Situated seven kilometers southeast of Genying Town, Baihua Ridge (百花岭) is a natural greenhouse and one of the best preserved tropical forests in Hainan.

Nature is firmly the first priority here, with dense tropical virgin forests to support a wide and diverse array of flora and fauna as well as some spectacular water landscapes.

The tallest peak of Baihua Ridge is 1,100 meters high above sea level. As one of the most significant ecological and scenic spots in the central part of Hainan, the mountain rainforest is home to over 4,000 kinds of plants and 500 kinds of wild animals including macaques, pangolins, wild boars, weasels and pythons.

The tropical rainforest abounds with natural beauty, with sights such as the Baihua Ridge Waterfall. Baihua Ridge Waterfall, situated on a 700-meter-high cliff, is the most famous and eye-catching attraction in the area with a maximum water drop of 300 meters.

To the immediate west of the waterfall there is a waterfall-watching pavilion. When in full flow during monsoons, visitors can almost feel the force of the falls against the rocks as the roaring water falls down.

Below the waterfall sits a round pool called the Baifu Pool (白肤潭). The water is around three meters deep and pristine, giving explorers a mystical feeling.

In addition to the flora and fauna, vistas and falls, Baihua Ridge also enables visitors to view ancient banyan trees in their natural surroundings. Peaks and ridges are overlapping and stretching while these ancient trees tower in the sky.

The hike between Baihua’s mountain pass and its peak is mostly straight up and takes around two and a half hours. While it’s often humid, the park’s altitude and unique ecosystem result in an average temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. On a clear day, climbers who make it to the top of Baihua Ridge are rewarded with a 360-degree view.