Beireng Village
Beireng Village located in Jiaji Township, is one of many garden-like villages featuring tropical weather and dense vegetation in the city of Qionghai.
Beireng Village became especially popular with tourists after Peng Liyuan, wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping, visited the village in March with the wives of foreign leaders who were taking part in the 2015 Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference.
The village has become a hot destination for tourists who love the countryside. The pleasant-looking view is ideal for those needing to relax from the fast-tempo and dull city life.
If you come to visit Beireng Village, here are some recommendations to make your stay that much more memorable:
Riding a bike at Beireng Village
The beautiful Beireng Village can be a nice destination for cycling. There are age-old coconut trees, rubber trees as well as betel nut trees, spring pools and arrays of farmhouses built with stones. Paths are surrounded by these subtropical trees. You will enjoy exploring the virgin woodlands.
Enjoy hot spring at Guantang Hotspring Resort 
Healing Guantang Hot Springs has long been a favorite destination for people from all walks of life seeking to benefit from the medicinal properties of natural mineral waters rising up from deep within the earth.
It is about 8 km to the southwest of Jiaji Town, Qionghai City. Water temperatures at Guantang Hot Spring range between 70º C and 90º C with up to 10,000 tonnes of water flow daily.
Taste the local farmhouse dishes
As you travel to the village, having a taste of the local farmhouse dishes is a must. The authentic chicken or duck soup, and the healthy vegetables grown by local farmers create a healthy and tasty meal.

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