The friendly and dynamic city of Wenchang has been the cultural center of Hainan for centuries. The city is home to an extensive coconut plantation, with more than 500,000 trees lining the stunning beach resort area, and the Confucius Temple, one of the best preserved examples of ancient architecture in Hainan.


The city also has a number of well known natural scenery spots. Some of them are actually easy to reach and offer unique natural interests and high commendations. Of these areas, Stone Park is highly recommended.


Stone Park is located within the Tonggu Ridge Natural Reserve in Wenchang City, extending 2 km from east to west and has a wonderful mild climate year-round that makes it an ideal bathing resort along the eastern coast of Hainan. It is a place not that well-known by outsiders.


Wenchang Stone Park is noteworthy for the magnificent scenery of its rocky coastline.There are thousands of igneous rocks, naturally formed by both weathering and wave erosion, along with small beach coves, green countryside, and hilly terrain.


The wind-moving stone is quite unique. It is three meters high and weighs more than 20 tons, round on top and sharp at the bottom. When the sea wind comes, it moves with a great noise but for thousands of years, it has never been blown down.


On the southwestern part of the Tonggu Ridge, the rocks on the green grass are of different shapes. They look like a flock of sheep on the grassland. Some are grazing, some are looking up to watch the clouds and some are roaring to their companions. According to the legend, a shepherdess was turned into the wind-moving stone while the 3,650 stones around it are her sheep.


There is also an arced beach that resembles a giant basket containing beautiful colored pebbles when ascended to a certain height and enjoyed from a distance.


Nearby scenic spots include Wind-Shaken Stone, Fairy Cave, Nun Cave, Silver Snake Stone and Monk Garden.