Rising up from the eastern suburb area of Wenchang City, Tonggu Ridge is considered as "Mount No.1 in Eastern Hainan." With beautiful landscapes and local specialties, Tonggu Ridge is one of the best attractions on Hainan’s eastern coast.

The scenic area covers an area of 44.64 square kilometers. It is made up of 18 high or low peaks, among which the highest is 338 meters above sea level. It is equally well-known with Luhuitou Park, and Tianya Haijiao in Hainan Province. 


This is an area of natural beauty. Ascend Tonggu Ridge and you are rewarded with spectacular views of the surrounding beaches, sea and coconut forest. The sea is clean and clear and the beaches stretch as far as you can see. Wander down to the beach and you will most likely have your own 10km beach, apart from the occasional local fisherman.


A key area of protection is the shallow coral reefs. Typical reef organisms in the reserve include: scleractinian corals, coralline algae, staghorn corals, soft corals, fish, algae, mollusks, benthic organisms and other reef organisms.


There are about 1000 plant species, 10 species of birds and 20 kinds of reptiles, plus amphibians and insects.


Tonggu Ridge has geological features that are rare in China including the erosion of igneous rocks by both weathering and wave erosion. This results in the formation of sea cliffs, sea caves, sea niches, etc. The area is situated near a deep fault line and so historically affected by tectonic plate movement and once was volcanic.


The Tonggu Ridge area also has several local specialties to offer visitors. Zhegu tea ( 鹧鸪茶 also known as Lingzi Cao) is made from wild tea trees and has a wonderful flavor and aroma. The local sheep are said to eat the local wild tea and other special plants found in mountain caverns, thus the lamb here is said to be particularly tasty. Meanwhile, Wenchang Chicken is also a must-try dish for visitors coming to Wenchang. The Wenchang Chicken, along with the Dongshan Mutton, Hele Crab, and Jiaji Duck are ranked as the “Top 4 Traditional Famous Hainan Dishes”.


Best Travel Time
Wenchangg is in the east coast of Hainan Province. Being the tropical marine monsoon climate, it is moist and most of the months are marked by significant rainfall. Because the temperature difference in a year is not much, it is like in spring all year around. The annual average temperature is about 24C. So visitors can go here all the year around.