Hainan boasts a number of ancient cultural towns famous for their well-preserved historic buildings and traditional lifestyles.


Some ancient towns feature a great number of precious cultural relics, and some are well-known for their historical sites. Learning about these ancient towns can contribute to a better understanding of Hainan’s history and culture.


Every time you visit an ancient town, you can experience the local lifestyle, ancient architecture, and get a glimpse of local minority culture.


Here are five Hainan cultural towns worth visiting.


Puqian Town, Wenchang 文昌市铺前镇

Puqian Town is a port town on the eastern shore of Dongzhai Harbor in Wenchang, Hainan province.


Puqian Town played a significant role in facilitating travel by sea to Southeast Asia between the late Ming Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China.


Puqian Street, built in 1895, was one of the commercial roads in town. Visitors can still find a strong sense of history and culture here.


Zhonghe Town, Danzhou 儋州市中和镇

Zhonghe Town is 40 km to the southwest of Danzhou city. Su Dongpo, a literary giant of the Song Dynasty, lived there for three years when he was exiled in Hainan. Influenced by Su, People living there are all fond of reciting and composing poetries. As a result, Zhonghe Town is called “Town of Poems."


There are many well-preserved historical attractions in the town, such as the Dongpo Academy, Lize Academy and Fuxing Street.


Xinglong Town, Wanning 万宁市兴隆镇

Xinglong Town is the largest town for overseas Chinese in China. Since the 1950s, more than 13,000 overseas Chinese from 21 different countries and regions have relocated to the farm.


They not only brought back the lifestyles and customs of Southeast Asian countries, but also many of their goods, such as coffee. Xinglong Town has more than 30 coffee shops that offer authentic Southeast Asian snacks. People in town like to gather in coffee shops and chat.


Sandao Town, Baoting 保亭县三道镇

Sandao Town is located at the junction of Baoting County and Sanya City.


Here visitors can enjoy tropical views and local Li ethnic treats such as rice cooked in bamboo and homemade wine as well as home cooked dishes that are organic and provide ample sustenance. The fresh air and simple country life in the area will make any tropical sojourn a uniquely relaxing and natural experience.


Boao Town, Qionghai 琼海市博鳌镇

Boao, once a town of 15,000 residents relying on fishing and farming to make a living, has turned into a world-famous conference venue after an Asian-oriented forum on economic development selected it as its permanent venue in 2000.


The forum has changed the lifestyles of local residents, as many people from other regions across China are running tourist and service businesses, accelerating population growth in the town.