When talking about Hainan, people often think of Tianyahaijiao (The End of the Earth) in Sanya, the province’s sandy beaches, Wuzhishan Mountain, Wanquan River, the Tropical Botanical Gardens, and so on. Most people who have travelled to Hainan have visited many of these places already.


But what about the rest of Hainan? Do you know of any other places worth visiting? If not, consider checking out these scenic towns in Hainan:


Fushan Coffee Town, Chengmai

Fushan Coffee Town is one of the earliest developed scenic towns in Chengmai, and is one of the largest coffee focused agricultural areas on Hainan Island.


Coffee arrived in Hainan in 1935 when Indonesian-Chinese Chen Xianzhang brought the first robusta coffee seeds from Indonesia and introduced coffee customs and farming to Fushan.


The coffee focused town features a coffee trading center, a coffee utensils street, and coffee-themed hotels and museums, offering tourists a unique one-stop coffee, food, and folk customs destination.


Guangcun Cigar Town, Danzhou

Danzhou Guangcun Cigar Town is the only cigar focused scenic town in Hainan and the only large cigar plantation in China.


The cigar plantation fills a long-standing gap in China’s high-end cigar industry and allows for greater investment in local farmers and less dependence on imports. Covering a total cultivated area of (200 hectares), the average output of the plantation is 120 kilograms per hectare, providing an annual income of 74.84 million yuan.


The Cigar Town consists of a landmark architecture area, a cigar tobacco farming and processing area, and a scenic town.


The town features a cigar bar, factory, cultural shows, waterfront bars, themed cafes,  a business conference center, wedding plaza, and accommodation, catering and business facilities.


Boao Town, Qionghai

As a permanent site of the Boao Forum for Asia, Boao Town enjoys great fame. The town features gardens, tourism villages and beautiful ocean scenery. The town’s most recommended spot is the Bar Street along the seaside. Bars here are roomy with seating along the seaside.


Ruixi Town, Chengmai

Good food is always an important part of any journey. Ruixi Town in Chengmai County has many traditional snacks that taste delicious. If you come here, go to the local food street, such as the Ruixi Food Street to enjoy some traditional snacks like from homemade dried beef, homemade sausage, Zongzi and fried sesame balls.