Even when temperatures are soaring on the whole island, some places still exist that are cool and pleasant. One such place is Yahu Terrace, an ideal destination for escaping the summer heat and appreciating nature.
Yahu Terrace (牙胡梯田) is located in Maoyang Township, 40 kilometers away from Wuzhishan City. The terraces stretch in layers along a slope, from the mountaintops to the borders of verdant forests. The Yahu Terrace Field cover an area of about 4,875 acres. 
The terrace’s highest point reaches nearly 600 meters; its lowest point lies at an elevation of only 20 meters.
Farmers have toiled in the terraces’ fields for generations. Standing on the hillside, visitors can see acres of terraced fields where farmers still work today, while being soothed by gentle breezes.
In spring, the fields are irrigated. In summer, views of rice paddies are breathtaking. The landscape is even wonderful in autumn, when the golden rice paddies shine in the sun. In winter, visitors can witness oceans of clouds after torrential rains. The terraces are excellent material for photography year round; but the months of March, April, May, August, September and December are best for photos.
The Yahu Terrace boasts a history of more than 1,000 years, but still functions today. The structure, which was built around “four elements” (forests, villages, terraces and rivers), remains an expression of the traditional ways of living of ancient agricultural civilizations. The ancient way of life exemplified by the terraces even provides a model for modern people to improve their own lives.
Locals still make full use of the area’s special geological and climactic conditions. The terrace is not only a place of cultural interest, but also a part of the local natural landscape.