If you plan a trip to cover all of Hainan Island, try to travel by high-speed rail. It is time saving, convenient and covers a large area of Hainan from north to south. 


The East Ring High-speed Railway began operating in Hainan on December 30, 2010. It only takes about 90 minutes to travel between Sanya and Haikou, compared with the previous 3 hours.


Taking the bullet train along the Hainan Eastern Ring Railway will not be a disappointing experience as the unique and stunning scenery will provide unforgettable memories.


This railway is laid across a series of mountain ranges, rivers and beaches. The scenery along the railway offers a tasty appetizer for tourists who are heading towards Hainan for travel. Today, many visitors prefer to visit Eastern Hainan by train, mainly for the incredible views. Sit back and take in the magic of nature along the way.


Some of the must-see scenery spots are as follows:



Starting from Haikou, the Haikou-Sanya train ushers the first superb view to passengers at Yangshan Leisure Park, a volcanic lava area, which is home to one of the few dormant volcanoes in China that possesses Holocene volcanic rocks and lush greenery.


Shortly after passing Haikou, the train enters the well-renowned Coconut Hometown Wenchang City, where visitors can see a thick cover of flourishing trees, including palm plants and more than 130 plant species with uniquely Hainan characteristics, as well as coconut varieties from around the world that have been planted there.



The next highlight comes at the Qionghai railway station. The train goes across a huge bridge across the Wanquan River, which is the third largest river in Hainan at 162 km long.


Then, the train heads for the Shenzhou Peninsula, where amazing bays, natural beaches and tranquil lakes lie. Having a ride along the scenic coast makes passengers feel there is only more to explore.


After entering Lingshui County, the train unearths a completely different natural beauty to riders. Tourists can catch a glimpse of Lingshui River, one of the largest rivers in Hainan. The river looks like a jade belt, and travelers can enjoy the view of boundless betel-nut trees in the distance.



Sanya, the final destination of the bullet train, offers virtually every aspect of coastal culture for visitors to explore.