Lotus flowers can reach 2 meters in diameter or they can be as small and delicate as a baby’s foot. Now is the peak time to appreciate dozens of varieties in many colors.
The lotus is a virtually universal symbol of purity, beauty and spiritual enlightenment because its roots grow in earthy mud but its flower is untainted and opens skyward.
For Buddhists, Hindus and many others, the lotus represents the way human beings should live. It symbolizes "spontaneous" generation and divine birth in Buddhism and is an iconic symbol in Chinese culture.
The best time to appreciate the beauty of the elegant flowers is the summertime, usually July and August.
In Hainan, Xintan Village in Haikou City, Longshouyang Agricultural Park in Qionghai City, Hulu Village in Wenchang City and Duode Village in Wanning City are the top four destinations to appreciate lotus flowers.
Xintan Villlage, Haikou 海口府城镇新潭村
Xintan Village in Haikou is one of the major places in Hainan to appreciate lotus flowers for free.
As summer comes, there’s a pond full of pink and white lotus. Various water lilies of different colors lie on the surface of the water, posing with all kinds of gestures. Visitors can take a footpath around the pond.
Longshouyang Agricultural Park, Qionghai 琼海嘉积镇龙寿洋
Covering an area of 660-hectares, the Longshouyang Agricultural Park has become a charming icon of Qionghai’s modern leisure agriculture and tourism.
In the park, hundreds of thousands of fragrant pink and white lotus bloom in the pond. Elegant architecture and pavilions surround the pond and the whole scene is like an oil painting.
Meanwhile, tourists can pick fruit and vegetables, enjoy local snacks and go fishing while admiring the scenery in the park.
Hulu Village, Wenchang City文昌东路镇葫芦村
Lotus flowers in full blossom that grow in the lake in Hulu Viilage bring a sense of freshness and pleasure in these hot summer days. Greater joy fills you when rowing on a lotus lake or picking some lotus seeds, so traveling around to enjoy lotus in summer days is a must for visitors.
Duode Village, Wanning万宁和乐镇多德村
The lotus planting base in Duode Village, Hele Township of Wanning City covers an area of one thousand acres (about 66.7 hectares). Entering here, one feels they are entering a photo of lotuses. Wandering along the long bank of the river and seeing lotus flowers on the two sides of the pond swaying in the wind, one feels the beauty of this fairyland.