Wenchang has been the cultural center of Hainan for centuries. The city houses the Confucius Temple, one of the oldest buildings on the island, and Wenchang School, a prestigious school funded by many overseas Chinese.


The city is not as "modern" and booming as Sanya. It is rather like a showcase on the lifestyle of ordinary Hainanese. It is the ancestral home for over a million overseas Chinese, mainly in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. These immigrants have influenced the lifestyle back in Wenchang. During the day, people enjoy hanging out in a cafe with a cup of tea and a slice of cake for RMB1-2. At night, they like to play table tennis, sing KTV and dance the Tango in Wenchang Park.


The city also has a number of well known natural scenery spots. Some of them are actually easy to reach and offer unique natural interests and high commendations. Of these areas, Tonggu Ridge is highly recommended.



Located along the rugged coastline near Longlou Town, Tonggu Ridge stretches more than 20km with 18 high or low peaks. Its main peak stands at 338 meters and is the highest point in east Hainan.



The ridge is unique in its landform and rich in natural resources. It is covered by various kinds of plants and is a haven to more than 20 kinds of animals and 60 birds, creating a natural ecological botanical garden and safari park.



The road to the mountain top is well-constructed and paved, giving visitors a pristine look at the lush treasures of the tropical rainforest. And the whole trip only takes about a 40-minute walk to go to the top.



Ascend Tonggu Ridge and you are rewarded with spectacular views of the surrounding beaches, sea and coconut forests. On top of the ridge, you can see the sunrise and sunset. Looking down the ridge, the rocks on the green grass are of different shapes. They look like a group of sheep on the grassland. Some are grazing, some are looking up to watch the clouds and some are roaring to their companions.



While wandering down to the beach area, you will notice the Moon Bay at the north bottom side of the ridge providing an excellent natural swimming area with fine sand and clear waters, a great contrast to the developed beach resorts of Sanya.


Tonggu Ridge scenic area also encompasses cultural relics, fascinating rock formations and lovely beaches, making the area a must-see destination. Nearby scenic spots include Wind-Shaken Stone, Fairy Cave, Nun Cave, Silver Snake Stone and Monk Garden. 


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