When people think of reservoirs in Hainan, the first thing that comes to mind is Daguangba Reservoir in Dongfang City.



Located 35 km east of Dongfang City, the Daguangba Reservoir, known as the ‘Natural Park’, was constructed between 1990 and 1995 with an area of 100 square kilometers.



It is a multi-purpose Reservoir on the Changhua River. The Daguangba Reservoir was built to provide for the full utilization of its water, with the aim of improving and expanding agricultural irrigation in the west Hainan areas. Every year, the reservoir can supply 820 million cubic meters of water to many places and irrigate 195,000 acres of farmland in Hainan.






Besides irrigation, the multipurpose reservoir also serves the functions of electricity generation and tourism.


It supports a 240 MW power station and also the largest dam and hydroelectric power station in Hainan.



The beautiful scenery at the Daguangba Reservoir will leave you talking for years to come. As you look over the lake from the high observation platform, the vast expanse of water draws you to slow your steps and linger awhile. The luxuriant foliage of the vegetation and the thick shade of the trees around the reservoir make this an enchantingly pleasant place to while away the time.



The expanse of water in the reservoir adds to the considerable beauty of the surrounding mountains. The parts of the lake open to the public offer camping areas, outdoor exercise areas, and an area to play in streams.




As Daguangba Reservoir is picturesque all year round, many photographers are excited to make their way to partake of natural beauty. You can certainly get some good work in here with your camera as well. Come here when you travel to Dongfang. It is not only a hotspot for photographers, but also a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.