When talking about Hainan, people often think of Tianyahaijiao (The End of the Earth) in Sanya, the sandy beaches, Wuzhishan Mountain, Wanquan River, Tropical Botanical Gardens, the beautiful Boao Town, and so on. Most people who have travelled to Hainan have visited any or all of these places already.


In addition to these, do you know of the other places worth visiting? If not, consider checking out these ancient villages in Hainan:


Zahan Village, Qiongzhong County 什寒村, 琼中



Located in the highlands between Li Mu Mountain and the Ying Ge Range, Zahan Village lies 600 meters above sea level nestled away in the primitive rainforest.




At the moment there are about 300 Miao minority people and 200 Li minority people living there.



The Zahan Village people have tried to preserve the minority village’s simplicity. People walking through the village nowadays can still find the village square, landscape pavilions, camping bases, a country inn, barbecue areas and tile-roofed houses and motorcycles. 



In October of 2013, Zahan Village was honored as the most beautiful village in Hainan by the Chinese Tourism Association, CCTV Broadcasting Group and other media groups.


Binglang Village, Sanya 槟榔村, 三亚



Just 1 kilometer away from Phoenix Town, Binglang village belongs to the Li people. There are more than 5,000 Li people living in the village, which was named one of the national ecological civilized villages in 2009.



For the full experience, head to a Li restaurant to sample some local dishes. Seating is outside under traditional thatched roofs, surrounded by betel nut trees and the occasional stray chicken. Try their hotpot and the Shanlan rice wine, both Li specialties and unique to Sanya.


Specialties include lamb, free-range chicken and duck dishes, as well as seafood, all prepared in home-style cooking. After a satisfying meal, enjoy the natural surroundings and experience the drinking songs of the friendly and hospitable Li people, with birds singing in the background.


Rongtang Village, Haikou 荣堂村, 海口



Located at the Shishan Township, the Rongtang Village is a historic lava rock village with a history of more than 900 years.




The most important feature of Rongtang Village is that all the houses, fences, and roads are built with volcanic rock. Nowadays, the stone homes, stone-paved roads, shrines, and tombs are all well-preserved.



Rongtang Village was home to some 60 households several decades ago. Today most of the villagers have moved out to live in a nearby residential area by the expressway. Only some elderly people remain. They live a lifestyle similar to many aged people in the area – the old folks gather together everyday near the village gate, chatting or sitting nearby concentrating on their favorite radio programs.



Due to complex terrain and a lack of signs and decent maps to the park, it’s not easy for tourists to find all the points of interest by themselves. But for a few dollars, these elderly people are happy to help, taking tourists for a look around the village.


Tianxin Village, Haikou 田心村, 海口



Located at the Qiongshan District of Dapo Town in Haikou, Tianxin Village is called a ‘heaven for egret birds’.




About 7,000 egrets inhabit the area, including many rare migratory birds. Every year in March and April, a flock of egrets arrive to turn the area into a wonderland.



Apart from the beautiful scenery, visitors can see the local farming life or just have a good meal of local foods at Tianxin Village.