If you have the chance to see a magical shot of the sunset in Hainan, you will know that this is indeed a land of spectacular sunsets. The golden land of Hainan offers travelers dozens of beaches to enjoy the natural masterpiece of the sun, from the poetic beach of the romantic Sanya Bay to the ancient salt fields of Ledong. Below is our list of the best beaches for sunset watching in Hainan.


Sanya Bay, Sanya 三亚湾, 三亚




If you are looking to find a beach to see the sunset, Sanya Bay in Sanya is a great choice. The flats of the bayside beach can stretch a mile out at low tide, exposing a colorful variety of marine life. There are often crowds of tourists and locals who applaud as the sun disappears and casts a glow over the sky


Longmu Bay, Ledong 龙沐湾, 乐东


If you are looking for a sunset beach in Hainan, Longmu Bay is a good option with its mountains, ocean and fishing boats. 


Compared with the eastern coastline of Hainan, the beaches in Ledong County are more tranquil and less crowded. 


As the sun goes down, the sparkling lights begin to shine at Jianfengling Ridge and the unique harmony of colors and lights start showing up in the blue sky over Longmu Bay before the sun touches the water with its final golden rays. You can enjoy reflecting upon the wonders you have seen during the day while watching the sun recede over the water.


Basuo Port, Dongfang 八所港, 东方



The beach at Basuo Port in Dongfang is a favorite destination for plenty of crowds of local people, as well as tourists, to jump and cheer for the sun and dance with their own balls of fire.


People gather at this beach to enjoy the peaceful moment of the sun setting and many like to capture beautiful photos of the sunset here.


Yangpu Ancient Salt Field, Danzhou 洋浦千年古盐田, 儋州



Occupying an area of 750 acres, the Yangpu Ancient Salt Field in Danzhou affords its visitors one of the most commanding and spectacular sunset views on Hainan’s west coast.


Located on the waterfront of Xinying Bay in Ledong County, the salt field is the oldest well-preserved salt field in China with a history of more than 1,000 years. Distant views of fishing boats, hard-working villagers and waves breaking on stones enhance the glorious sunsets. Visitors can enjoy cultural tours or just relax with the cool breeze and majestic views of the sunset. The salt field is open year-round from sunrise to sunset.


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