Take a short trip around Ding’an County, Hainan and you will find yourself surrounded by the geography and cultural influence of the particular peoples living there.


Ding’an County is about 50 minutes drive from Haikou Meilan International Airport, or 2 hours from Sanya Phoenix International Airport on China’s southern island province, Hainan.


Ding’an is famously known as the "Food Paradise", “Tropical Cold Spring of Asia”, "Longevity Hometown of China" and "Kingdom of Tropical Birds"


If you come to Ding’an for a visit, you can do the following things:


Jiuwentang Cold Spring 久温塘冷泉 



The Jiuwentang Cold Spring is a truly rare natural spring with water at temperatures of 23-25 °C. This kind of unique spring is only found elsewhere in Italy and Taiwan. The water of Jiuwentang Cold Spring is odorless, clear and drinkable and contains sodium bicarbonate.



The spring is located Jiuwentang Village, Longmen Town. The water is freezing cold on the first five minutes of dipping, but the body quickly warms up. Since the bubbles keep popping up from the bottom, bathing in this spring water feels like bathing in sugar-free sodas.




It is a free public bathing area, and the cold spring will help urge your blood circulation to work regularly and thoroughly. If you are going to Ding’an, don’t miss the chance to enjoy this amazing cold spring.


Nanli Lake 南丽湖



Nanli Lake Scenery Area is one of the famous artificial freshwater lakes in Hainan, and among the first group of scenery areas at the provincial level.


You can boat on the lake, thinking you are wandering in a ‘one-thousand-island country’ and the scenery you can see around the lake looks just like a beautiful picture of trees and water.


As a scenic site, Nanli Lake offers the wonderful accommodation, catering and entertainment. More importantly is that the facilities here are ample, including a golf course, sumptuous hotels, restaurants, villas, and some facilities of entertainment above water.


Hainan Tropical Bird Park 海南热带飞禽世界



Hainan Tropical Bird World, located at the Taling development zone in Ding’an, is said to be the largest of its kind in China. The park boasts three hundred types of tropical birds, including many unique Hainan birds.


Visitors to the park can also enjoy a 32-meter-long and 3.8-meter-high wall with relief sculptures of nine phoenixes, a rain forest for birds, a desert bird park and a parrot square.


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