Exploring Hainan is not fully complete unless one visits at least one of the two ancient salt fields: Yangpu Ancient Salt Field and Yinggehai Ancient Salt Field, which provide travelers with a rare view of China from another time.
Hainan is ideal for salt farms, particularly along the curved coastline stretching from Sanya to Danzhou.
These are the best-preserved salt fields in China that have also left indelible marks on the region’s economy via the hard work of local salt makers. Nowadays, many villagers in the areas still carry on the sea production traditions, speaking the local language. Would-be explorers are advised to learn Chinese a little bit to make the journey more interesting and memorable.
Yangpu Ancient Salt Field, Danzhou 儋州洋浦古盐田
Situated in Yangpu Economic Development Zoo, Yangpu Ancient Salt Field is the oldest well-preserved salt field in China with a history of more than 1,000 years. It covers area of 750 acres. The scorching sun and high salinity in the seawater are the advantages this salt field enjoys. This salt field is exposed to the flaming sun all year round.
Many stones in the area are connected to one another in various shapes, cut flat on top, which are used to evaporate seawater to produce salt. The stones have а thin rim around the edge to contain the water. During high tide, the surface of the stones becomes filled with seawater. During low tide this evaporates, leaving the salt, which is then collected.
As the wind is strong and sun is scorching, the salt produced here is more pure in content, small in granule and better in taste. For years, the local people still use the nature-bestowed salt for their cooking.
It is said that the original salt makers are from Putian county, Fujian province. When they arrived here and found the good geographical location and perfect atmosphere for salt production, they decided to stay till now. It is a place that has lagged behind in development but is very safe and harmonious.
Today, only a small group of villagers continue to make salt using this method and it is not their main source of income.
Yinggehai Salt Field, Ledong 莺歌海古盐田
Established in 1958, the Yingge Salt Field is the largest of its kind in Hainan. Located on the waterfront of southwest Ledong County and with the Jianfengling Ridge Forest behind it, the salt fields sparkle in the sun. 
The salt-making uses seawater as the basic raw material and uses mud from the beach. The salt is made mostly by solar and wind evaporation.

The high quality salt is very solid and pure, with a cube shape and a translucent white color. The salt field from a distance looks like a bed covered with a vast layer of white snow and Jingjiling Ridge is the best point to take in a panoramic view of the silver salt sea. 

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