Boasting miles of golden sandy beaches, cultural districts and dozens of entertainment venues, Hainan attracted over 45 million tourists in 2014, according to the Hainan Tourism Development Commission, and has become a popular tourist destination for leisure travelers on all budgets.


When it comes to visiting Hainan, many of the island’s most popular attractions can be explored free of charge. For budget-conscious travelers eager to explore the region, there are plenty of fantastic, free attractions to discover in Hainan. Here are some of our recommendations in western Hainan.


Yinggehai Salt Field, Ledong 乐东莺歌海盐场




Established in 1958, the Yingge Salt Field is the largest of its kind in Hainan. Located on the waterfront of southwest Ledong County and backed by Jianfengling Ridge Forest, the salt fields sparkle in the sun. 




The salt-making uses seawater as the basic raw material and uses mud from the beach. The salt is made mostly by solar and wind evaporation. The high quality salt is very solid and pure, with a cube shape and a translucent white color. The salt field from a distance looks like a bed covered with a vast layer of white snow and Jingjiling Ridge is the best point to take in a panoramic view of the silver salt sea. 


Basuo Port, Dongfang 东方八所港



Basuo Port is located in the middle of the west coastline of Hainan Province. The port is under Dongfang County’s control, which is considered to be the most important sea trade portal in Hainan.



Basuo Port has long been famous for its green seafood produce, and now the region is emerging as a major seafood trade destination with plenty of delicious options for foodies, gourmands and anyone else who enjoys good seafood.


Longmen Mountain, Danzhou 儋州龙门山



Located att Seaside Longmen Mountain in Eman Town of Danzhou City, it is one of the famous scenic spots along the volcanic coast from Yangpu to Eman.



Longmen Mountain is a costal rocky mountain with an altitude of 39 meters. There are tremendous strange rocks on the mountain looking from north to south and mountain peaks stretching long and unbroken, creating a quite spectacular view which looks much like the Great Wall.


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