If you are planning to enjoy a view of tropical scenery on your trip to Hainan, Qionghai in Hainan is a suitable choice. It is not as crowded as Sanya and offers many interesting places to see.


Qionghai has a long history with its own culture and abundant natural resources. People here are modest, hospitable, and open-minded. For a long time, Qionghai has been known to investors and tourists for its relaxing environment, good public security, balanced environment, and efficient administration.


There are also a number of well known natural scenes located in the city including Wanquan River and Yudai Beach.


Here are some of our recommendations:



Bo’ao Yudan Beach 玉带滩



In contrast to the lot of visited beaches of Sanya like Tianya Haijiao and Dadonghai, Bo’ao Yudai has the wonder minus the crowds.


Located on the southern bank of the estuary of Wanquan River, Yudai Beach is in the east of Boao watertown and extends in a south-north direction, with its tail being connected with land, just like a long "jade belt (Yudai)" that separates Wanquan River from the South China Sea to form a long and narrow beach of natural formation. The widest distance is 300-500 meters, and the narrowest is only 10 meters in the peninsula.


In June 1999, the Jade Belt Beach was listed in the Guinness World Records by the Guinness Shanghai headquarters for having “the narrowest sand peninsula to separate the river from the sea”.



Guantang Hot Spring Resort 官塘温泉



Healing Guantang Hot Springs have long been a favorite destination for people from all walks of life seeking to benefit from the medicinal properties of natural mineral waters rising up from deep within the earth.


It is about 8 km to the southwest of Jiaji Town, Qionghai City. Water temperatures at Guantang Hot Spring range between 70º C and 90º C. Daily water flow is about 10,000 tones.


At present, four luxury hotels have been set up there, providing perfect leisure-making facilities and quality tourist services.



Wanquan River 万泉河



Wanquan River is located in Qionghai City, also called as the mother river of Hainan.


The whole length of Wanquan River is 163 kilometers. It originates from Wuzhishan Mountain.


Wanquan River is mainly made up of the Wanquan River tourism and entertainment dock, the megalith Coconut Street, Shopping Street, Red Women Army Statue, ShaZhou lsland, and the Wanquan River Big Dam. The tourist items include the big water sightseeing yacht, motorboats, yachts, bamboo rafts and so on.


Travel on Wanquan River, return to nature, and together with the sky and earth, you will have the most perfect and memorable travel of your life.



Baishi Ridge 白石岭



Located by the Wanquan River, the Baishi Ridge Scenic Zone is 12 kilometers to the southwest of Qionghai City. This scenic zone is charming and attractive because of its marvelous local hills, magnificent rocks and fascinating caves.


On top of Baishi ridge (White-Stone-Hill) is a gigantic egg-shaped white rock. Half of the rock is sandwiched by two other rocks while the other half is hanging in the air. Beside the gigantic rock, there is a cave called Wind-Screening Hole. The cave will whistle from time to time when a strong wind blows through it. Here, some 1,000 steps from the foot of Baishi Hill is one of the famous Eight Scenes of Hainan.