Take a short trip around Wanning City, Hainan and you will find yourself surrounded by the geography and cultural influence of the particular peoples living there.

Wanning is located on the southeast coast of Hainan Island in the middle between Haikou and Sanya. With an annual average temperature of 24.8 degrees, its pleasant climate attracts visitors from around the world.


Like Lingshui to the south, Wanning is an important agricultural region producing coffee, black pepper, rubber and sugar cane.


The county enjoys a beautiful coastline running north from Boundary Island and includes the beautiful Shimei Bay and Riyue Bay.


Wanning is famously known as the "Surfing Resort of World", a "Hot Spring Hometown", the "Longevity Hometown of China", the "Kingdom of Plants" and a “Buddhist Sanctuary”.


If you come to Wanning for a visit, you can do the following things:


Signature food and snacks at local restaurants


 Dongshan Mutton


Hele Crab


Good food is always an important part of a perfect journey. Wanning has many traditional snacks that taste delicious. If you come here, go to local restaurants to enjoy some signature food such as Dongshan Mutton, Hele Crab as well as traditional snacks like Hou’an Rice Noodles.


Taste authentic Xinglong Coffee



Coffee is one of the major economic crops in Wanning. Although the locally grown coffee is not well-known internationally, many travelers to the area still compare the coffee here to the fine coffees of Brazil and Columbia.


Xinglong has become one of the largest coffee growing areas in Hainan. The coffee factory in Xinglong, built in 1952, was the first coffee factory to be built after the founding of modern China in 1949, which is a great source of pride for Xinglong residents.


Coffee has become a pillar industry here attracting many interested visitors. The most famous teas are Bitter Tea, Rice Tea and Vanilla Tea. The best place to taste and buy them is in Xinglong Tropical Garden.


Go fishing at Gangbei Port



If you want to enjoy the sea faraway from land, you can choose to take a fishing boat. The fishing boat not only provides a spectacular view of the sea but also offers a glimpse into the fishermen’s life. Gangbei Port is a natural deepwater bay in the east of Hainan. Spend one day with a fisherman and experience his life to make your trip more meaningful.


Enjoy hot springs in Xinglong



The hot spring is another tourist attraction in Xinglong, Wanning. It is said that the hot spring bath has curative effects for those with skin diseases, arthritis and other illnesses. The average temperature is 60 degrees Farenheit all year round. The area has been famous for its mineral hot spring for centuries, and nowadays the hotels pipe water directly into the rooms from the hot springs at regulated temperatures.


Climb Dongshan Mountain



Dongshan Mountain is also called Pen Rack Mountain, as its three peaks tower side by side and resemble a pen rack. The mountain has been recognized as the "No.1 Mountain in Hainan" since Ming Dynasty with the title granted by an official at that time. The mountain is the birthplace of Hainan Buddhism culture as well as a center of Southern Buddhism.


Surf at Riyue Bay



Riyue Bay, the best bay for surfing in Southeast Asia, is home to Asia’s largest surf club – Riyue Bay International Surfing Club. Wanning is a world-renowned surfing resort, attracting surfers from around the world. If you come to Wanning, experience surfing – you will not regret it.


Learn about plants at Xinglong Tropical Garden



Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden is one place that can’t be missed in Wanning. It is not only a famous tourism place, but also a huage tropical agriculture area covering around 6.7 square kilometers. It really deserves the name of a "tropical plant encyclopedia" with more than 1,200 kinds of plants growing inside.


After a tour in the garden, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea produced using the plants grown here. You can also learn how to make a cup of coffee using coffee beans from the garden.


Cycle at Xinglong Greenway



The Xinglong Greenway now has 40 kilometers for visitors to cycle and a 100-km extension is expected to be completed later. Along the road, you can not only enjoy beautiful scenery but also experience Southeast Asian-style villages.

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