Hainan’s geography is so diverse that you feel like you are travelling to another dimension with each place you visit. The land is so connected to the culture of the people that any tourist will never get bored of exploring the many facets of this beautiful island.


If you are new to Hainan travel, the top 4 largest river systems of Hainan stand out as worthy places to see during your trip. They are Nandu River, Changjiang River, Wanquan River and Ningyuan River, which support Hainan’s agriculture as well as contribute to the island’s beautiful geography and diverse culture.


1.       Nandu River 南渡江



Length: 314km

Through cities and counties: Baisha County, Qiongzhong County, Danzhou City, Chengmai County, Tunchang County, Ding’an County and Haikou City


Nandu River is the longest river in Hainan Province. Its tributary is the Xinwu River. The river discharges into the Nandu River estuary in Haikou city, and then into Qiongzhou Strait.


2. Changhua River昌化江




Length: 232km

Through cities and counties: Qiongzhong County, Ledong County, Dongfang City and Changhua County


Changjiang River is the second largest river in Hainan. The river originates from the Kongshi Ridge of Limu Mountain in Qiongzhong County, and intersects the central and west regions of Hainan and ultimately flows into the South China Sea.


3.       Wanquan River 万泉河



Length: 163km

Through cities and counties: Wuzhishan City and Qionghai City


Wanquan River is the third largest river in Hainan at 162 km long. It rises in the Wuzhishan Mountain and flows generally northeast turbulently in a narrow route through mountainous regions. About half way downstream, it enters Qionghai before it empties into the South China Sea at Bo’ao.


4.       Ningyuan River 宁远河



Length: 90.2km

Through cities and counties: Baoting County and Sanya


Ningyuan River is not only the fourth largest river in Hainan, but also the mother river of Sanya.


Originating in the Xian’an Stone Forest in Baoting County, it flows from the west and north plains to Sanya and empties into the South China Sea near the Gangmen Village of Yacheng Town.


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