Once you are bored with Sanya’s sand beaches and water sports, the Nanwan Monkey Island is a special primate preserve for you to explore Sanya’s wild natural side. 



Situated south of Lingshui County, Nanwan Monkey Island is the only tropical island-type nature reserve for macaques – a state protected animal in China.



Several thousand macaque monkeys roam free over a manicured park setting with lawns, paths of coconut trees and small ponds on the 1,000-hectare peninsula. Several groups of them are trained to entertain guests such as the group at Yusheng Pool that performs water acrobatics, such as diving. Some of them serve as greeters as they wave flags for arriving visitors. The activities of the macaque monkeys at times leave you wondering whether you are indeed in a nature reserve or a circus. A small word of caution: don’t feed the monkeys. Like monkeys in Bali, Indonesia or Lopburi, Thailand, they like tourists and will try to get into your bags.



After mingling with the monkeys, you may want to take another ride on the cable car spanning 2,138 meters over the sea, the longest transoceanic ropeway in China. The cable-car ride takes about 20 minutes in total, passing over a small harbor and over the island’s peak before dropping into the valley of monkeys.

A lively fishing village is visible off the Nanwan Monkey Island. After admiring the wonderful vistas of the monkey island, you can enjoy yourself with a special seafood meal on the fishing rafts that is famous as ‘the street on the sea’.



Hundreds of boats sit moored in the midday sun waiting for night to fall so they can head back out to sea. Small houses and businesses float on giant rafts in between fish farms. One structure is a restaurant complex where day-trippers can take advantage of seafood caught fresh on the day. Not only the delicious food but also the excellent service given by the local fishermen will leave you with an unforgettable impression.