Hainan Island is famous for its sun, sea and sand, but tourists looking for a warm winter getaway will be delighted to know that they can take in the fresh rainforest air and fall asleep to the soothing calls of frogs and crickets in this southernmost island province.


Hainan’s Wuzhishan City offers bucolic ethnic villages as well as verdant rice paddies as a pleasant complement to the sunny beaches and blue waters of Sanya.


Here are eight recommendations to make your stay in Wuzhishan more memorable:


1. Take a deep breath at the Wuzhishan Mountain Nature Reserve

The Wuzhishan Tropical Rainforest, along with South America’s Amazon River basin and Indonesia’s tropical rainforests, is one of three of the world’s best-preserved tropical rainforests.


Wuzhishan, as the highest mountain in Hainan Island, is one of the symbols of Hainan and also one of the most famous mountains in China. The name of the mountain is derived from its five (wu in Chinese) peaks.


 2. Enjoy red maple vistas at Wuzhishan Mountain

Want to try a romantic day out in November? Maybe you can consider the scenery of the great red maple leaves on Wuzhishan Mountain.


The famous mountain is considered the best place to enjoy the blazing maple trees that are scattered over the mountain in winter.


Each year during this time, from early November till the end of December, hikers, bikers, photographers, sightseers, and writers make their way to Wuzhishan Mountain to partake in nature’s finest winter show.


3. Visit the natural landscape at Yahu Terrace Field

Dubbed as Hainan’s No.1 Terrace Field, Yahu Terrace Field can be explored in every season.


Located at the Maoyang Township and close to Yinggeling Natural Reserve, Yahu Terrace Field covers an area of about 1,100 acres, stretching layer upon layer along the slope, from mountain tops to the borders of verdant forests.


4. See the spectacular view of Taipingshan Waterfall

The Taipingshan Waterfall, situated on an 800-meter-high cliff on Mount Taiping, is one of the top attractions in the Mount Taiping area.


During the summer, the Taipingshan Waterfall tourist spot is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. On the west of the waterfall there is a waterfall-watching pavilion. When visiting here, the splashing view of the fall creates a fantasy world of water.


5. Visit Li & Miao scenery tribes

There are a dozen fairly commercial Li & Miao scenery tribes along the way from Wuzhishan City to Baoting County that cater to tourists. Among them, the popular ethnic tribes include Fanmao Li Ethnic Village, Fankong Tourism Village and Maozhen Miao Village in Baoting.


6. Enjoy rafting at the Wuzhishan Grand Canyon

If you want to enjoy a rafting (or river drifting) experience through the rainforest of Hainan, Wuzhishan Grand Canyon is the place to do it.


This ‘canyon drift’ follows the course of the river that meanders through the rainforest valleys around Wuzhishan. The route takes about two hours.


The canyon river rafting in Wuzhishan is thoroughly recommended for thrill seekers looking for a fun challenge during their holiday in Hainan.


7. Experience Li & Miao culture at Chubao Village


If you want to get to know more about the traditional ways of life of the Li people, go to Chubao Village.


Chubao Village, located in the city of Wuzhishan, Maoyang County, to the west of Wuzhishan Mountain, is the largest and most well-preserved Li Village in China. Here, village life centers around agriculture, fishing and weaving just as it has for countless generations.


8. Indigenous food at local restaurants

Good food is always an important part of a perfect journey. Wuzhishan has many traditional cuisines and signature dishes that taste delicious.


If you come here, go to local restaurants to enjoy some traditional food like the local beef dishes. It is a special kind of cattle raised by Li people on the remote mountains of nearby forests which are allowed to roam freely. The beef is sweet and dry. While there are many ways to cook the beef, the most popular is to bake it in a stone pot.


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