Sanya is famous for its sun, sea and sand, but tourists looking for a warm winter getaway will be delighted to know that they can take in the fresh rainforest air and fall asleep to the soothing call of frogs and crickets in the southernmost coastal city.
Located 35 kilometers from Sanya, Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone gives travelers a chance to get away from the beach or poolside and go hiking.
The entrance is similar to that of a theme park and all the employees, wearing green uniforms, shout “yanoda” and make a “V” with their fingers whenever they meet a visitor. “Yanoda” means “one, two, three” in Hainan dialect and is used as a greeting.
There are two routes for visitors to explore in the zone, the Dream World Valley water route and the Rainforest Valley mountain route.
Dream World Valley is quite challenging for most, as hikers need to climb through creeks and ponds to the top of a mountain, but it is definitely more fun.
The water is clear and cool and artificial barriers, such as nets and rockeries, are set up to increase the challenge. Professional coaches guide hikers through the route, and they organize mini games to make the journey more fun. Hikers are also required to wear a helmet.
Hikers can take a shower at the top to refresh after the tiring hike.
Rainforest Valley is an easier route, and it features a wooden path so visitors can get around easier and more safely.
The Rainforest Valley seems straight out of an ecological fairy tale, with the winding 18-km inner ring road defined by rope bridges, timber walkways and numerous brooks and streams and exotic plant life, giving tourists a pristine look at the lush treasures of the tropical rainforest.
It takes about 40 minutes to hike up Rainforest Valley. At the top of the mountain, visitors can enjoy an outdoor activity with a stunning ropeway ride that glides silently for about 10 minutes over the vast valley beneath. The zip line stretches 680 meters and visitors can slide down on a single rope at a speed of about 30 kilometers per hour.