Apart from the maple vista at Wuzhishan Mountain, you may not have heard of a well-known place in Wuzhishan City called Yahu Terrace Field, another tourist draw in the region.
Located within Maoyang Township, 40 kilometers away from Wuzhishan City, there is a vast region of terraces stretching layer upon layer along the slope, from mountain tops to the borders of verdant forests. This is the Yahu Terrace Field which covers an area of about 1,100 acres. 
Although few general tourists have visited the terraces, many photographers are very excited to see the thrilling beauty of the landscape.
The Yahu Terrace Field is beautiful natural landscape that can be explored in every season. The water from the rain and from mountain springs flows down to the terraces and the whole cycle repeats itself perpetually.
In spring, the fields are irrigated with spring water from the forest above to rejuvenate the area and the terrace looks like great mirrors or ribbons hung on the hillsides in preparation for the next growing season. In summer, waves of green seem to flow down the mountainside. The theme for autumn is the harvest, when the mountainside takes on the golden color of ripened millet. 
As well as its amazing scenery, Wuzhishan is also in an area where some of Hainans ethnic minority culture can be experienced, as the Li and Miao minorities inhabit the area. Tourists can join them to experience the traditional way of life and culture, visiting the traditional architecture of the Li people whose houses have an interesting architectural style that resembles overturned boats. Visitors can stay with the local families to enjoy local dishes such as Shanlan Wine and Three-colored Rice.