When is the last time you went on an adventure? Here is your chance. Diaoluo Mountain is one of the 5 tropical rainforest regions on Hainan Island.
The biggest difference between Diaoluo Mountain and other mountains is water, with waterfalls, streams and ponds everywhere! The most famous one is the 100-meter-high Fengguoshan Waterfall cluster, a natural tourist draw of the mountain.
Located northwest of the Diaoluoshan National Rainforest Park in Lingshui County, the Fengguoshan Waterfall cluster features the largest waterfall in Hainan.
The waterfall cluster consists of 4 separate falls, namely, Xianlei Waterfall, Bingxin Waterfall, Sigui Waterfall and Caihong Waterfall.
The changing seasons transform the natural scenery of the waterfall throughout the year. The most magnificent fall is over 60 meters wide and has a maximum drop of more than 150 meters. It flows swiftly year-round.
During the flood season, the water rolls shakes the ground beneath you and rolls down the hill like thousands of horses galloping, offering a breathtaking event. For those living in urban areas, wandering amongst the lakes and falls can give visitors a feeling of returning back to nature.Even in the dry season, the falls flow elegantly against the mountain.

Below the waterfall is a round pool named Xianlei Pool. The water is 3.5 meters deep and prisitine, giving explorers a mystical feeling. The plants around the pool bloom with various flowers that emanate an intoxicating fragrance.
Diaoluo Mountain, with an average temperature of 20C and an annual rainfall of 2,160 millimeters, is a paradise for plants. There are 3,500 different kinds of plants and 250 species of flowers in the forest. Each year, from early spring, various kinds of flowers bloom one after another, including silk cotton, azaleas, magnolias, round cardamoms and phoenix flowers. The forest is also a treasure trove of Chinese herbal medicines such as areca, agalloch, Ganoderma and lucidum.
The mountain is also home to 112 species of birds and 34 species of animals including macaques, clouded leopards and zibet, anteaters, deer, peacocks and boa constrictors, plus more than 20 kinds of butterflies.