Want to try a romantic day out in November? Maybe you can consider the scenery of great red maple leaves at Wuzhishan Mountain in Wuzhishan City, Hainan.
As the highest mountain in Hainan Island, Wuzhishan Mountain is located at the south-central part of Hainan, about 84 kilometers from Sanya city. The famous mountain is considered the best place to enjoy the blazing maple trees which are scattered over the mountain in winter.
The view at Wuzhishan Mountain is quite different from other places. Because the mountain contains an amazing diversity of trees, you will not only see red maple trees, but also a great forest of multiple colors. When the red leaves reach their peak season, visitors traversing along the mountain range will enjoy the breathtaking beauty of mountain vistas.
Each year during this time, from early November till the end of December, hikers, bikers, photographers, sightseers, and writers make their way to the Wuzhishan Mountain to partake of nature’s finest winter show.
Meanwhile, sparkling clear water meandering through the mountain river amidst a backdrop of majestic color provides a picture perfect adventure through the rainforest.
Great color vistas can be found almost anywhere within the mountain area. Shuiman Mountain-watching Point, Zhuman Site, Yabin Site, and the road to Shuimanxiang provide some of the best red maple viewing.