If you are planning to enjoy a view of tropical scenery on your trip to Hainan, Wuzhishan in Hainan is a suitable choice. It is not as crowded as Sanya and offers many interesting places to see.

Wuzhishan is the centre of Li and Miao cultural activities on the island and is a great place to see the Sanyuesan festival, visit traditional villages and buy some Li and Miao handicrafts.


There are also a number of well known natural sceneries located in the city including Wuzhishan Mountain and Wuzhishan Canyon Drift.


Here are some of our recommendations:


Take a deep breath at the Wuzhishan Mountain Nature Reserve



The Wuzhishan Tropical Rainforest, along with South America’s Amazon River basin and Indonesia’s tropical rainforests, is one of three of the world’s best-preserved tropical rainforests.


Wuzhishan as the highest mountain in Hainan Island makes it one of the symbols of Hainan and also one of the famous mountains in China. The name of the mountain is derived from its five (Wu in Chinese) peaks.


A 6.8-km-long trail leading to the top of the mountain is worth exploring, and it allows visitors to enjoy the most scenic parts of the mountain.


Enjoy rafting at the Wuzhishan Grand Canyon



If you want to enjoy a rafting (or river drifting) experience through the rainforest of Hainan, Wuzhishan Grand Canyon is the place to do it.


This ‘canyon drift’ follows the course of the river that meanders through the rainforest valleys around Wuzhishan. The route takes about two hours.


As the 9km-long Wuzhishan River winds through the rainforest of Wuzhishan Mountain, you’ll pass through beautiful canyons at high speeds, descending a total of 80m along the rafting course with the highest drops on the course measuring around 8m. The canyon river rafting in Wuzhishan is thoroughly recommended for thrill seekers looking for a fun challenge during their holiday in Hainan.


Cycling down Wuzhishan’s winding mountain roads



The cycling at Wuzhishan is some of the best in Hainan, as the roads are winding and go up and down in altitude around the mountains, giving rise to some great views.


Cycling from Nanshen Township to Shuiman Village, the 25-km ride has well-surfaced networked cycle tracks, idyllic quiet road lanes, exciting mountain biking opportunities and stunning scenery.


Experience Li ethnic cultures at Chubao Village



Chubao Village, where the Li people have remained faithful to their ancient traditions and customs, lies to the west of Wuzhishan Mountain. Here, village life centers around agriculture, fishing and weaving just as it has for countless generations.


The land is rich with a subtropical climate and plenty of rainfall and tropical crops such as coconuts, mangos, bananas, pineapples, coffee and palm oil producing bountiful harvests. Visitors can see the local farming life and traditional architecture of the Li people, whose houses have an interesting architectural style that resembles overturned boats.