Wenchang is located on the North East Coast of Hainan, about 40km from Haikou.
Wenchang is the source of most overseas Hainanese migrants, with the majority of Singapore’s Hainanese population having ancestral roots in Wenchang.
The city enjoys a beautiful 203 km coastline dotted with 40 large and small bays.
There are a number of well known natural sceneries located in the city including Tonggu Ridge, Dongjiao Coconut Forest and Bamen Bay for you to explore.
Tonggu Ridge 铜鼓岭
Tonggu’s main peak stands at 338 meters and is the highest point in east Hainan. Tonggu Ridge stretches more than 20km with 18 high and low peaks.
On top of the ridge, you can watch the sunrise and sunset. On the clear water of the South China Sea, you can watch fishing boats float and sea gulls fly by.
The ridge is unique in its landform and rich in natural resources. It is covered by various kinds of plants and is a haven to more than 20 kinds of animals and 60 birds creating a natural ecological botanical garden and safari park.
Dongjiao Coconut Forest东郊椰林
Located at the east of Qinglan Port, the Dongjiao Coconut Forest is a beautiful and quiet spot to spend a few days.
It covers an area of 54.4 hectares. More than 200 kinds of palm plants and more than 130 plant species with uniquely Hainan characteristics as well as 17 coconut varieties from around the world have been planted there. The Wenchang coconut trees form the largest group of coconut trees in China.
Local farmers can climb 20 meters up the coconut trees very quickly to fetch visitors fresh coconut juice.
Bamen Bay八门湾
Located near the Wenchang River, Bamen Bay is a typical tropical jungle, and the mangrove tree family can be seen everywhere in the area.
When the tide is high, the mangroves are submerged in water and leave only the green crowns for people to wonder at their marvelous nature.
Apart from the natural scenery, visitors can rent a bike to ride along the Bamen Bay Greenways to make their tour more relaxing and enjoyable. During the riding tour, one can appreciate the efforts taken to protect the natural environment such as the mangroves, the greenery, the river, its inhabitants and the ecological environment.