Hainan Island is famous for its sun, sea and sand, but tourists looking for a warm winter getaway will be delighted to know that they can take in the fresh rainforest air and fall asleep to the soothing calls of frogs and crickets in this southernmost island province.
Hainan’s Baoting Li and Miao autonomous county offers bucolic ethnic villages and resorts nestled amid verdant rice paddies as a pleasant complement to the sunny beaches and blue waters of Sanya.
Here are six suggestions to make a stay in Baoting more memorable:
1. Yanoda Tropical Rainforest 呀诺达热带雨林景区
Located 35 kilometers from Sanya, all the five famous rainforests of Hainan are located here.
“Yanoda” means “one, two, three” in Hainan dialect and is used as a greeting.
Located in Yanoda is a wonderful wooden path that is 1.2 km long. It takes visitors about 40 minutes to walk the entire length.
Visitors can feel tranquility and the mystery in the deep forest, enjoy the pleasure of playing in waterfalls, and experience the pleasant surprise and the quiver of emotion on the fantastic sky bridge.
2. Qixianling Hot Springs National Forest Park七仙岭温泉国家森林公园
Qixianling Mountain Hot Spring and Forest Park is 76 kilometers away from the international tourism city of Sanya.

The scenic spot has a total area of 22 square kilometers consisting of three tourism zones: a preservation zone, buffer zone and development zone.

As one of the most significant ecological and scenic spots in the northeastern part of Baoting, the rainforest is home to 5,000 kinds of plants and 500 kinds of wild animals including macaques, pangolins, wild boars, weasels and pythons, amongst which are more than 10 kinds of rare species listed as being under national protection.

3. Binglanggu Valley 槟榔谷
Binglanggu Valley lies on the border of the city of Sanya and Baoting County and is about 28 km from Sanya center.
The Valley consists of four main sections: the primitive Li Minority village, the ecological Miao Minority village, tropical jungle and the grand open-air show of the Li people.
Visitors will be able to see the boat-shaped huts of the traditional Li style and enjoy the traditional Li cuisines such as fragrant bamboo rice and Shanlan wine. Besides, the Li and Miao Culture Museum exhibits the clothing, artwork, and kitchenware of the people. 
At Li village, tourists can also appreciate the ancient and highly advanced weaving devices displayed through textile craftsmanship.
4. Hot spring resorts and hotels温泉度假区
If you visit Baoting, it would be a real pity to spend all your time appreciating the Li ethnic customs and the delicious food without enjoying a refreshing natural hot spring bath in the region.
Many hot springs resorts and hotels, nestled in the tropical rainforest landscapes, provide excellent conditions for combined tourism/sightseeing and medical/wellness treatments.
5. Country Kitchens 保亭农乐乐


When travelling in Baoting, you can’t miss the traditional Li cuisines and signature dishes, which enjoy great popularity among visitors due to their natural ingredients, special tastes and great nutritional value.
In Baoting, the country kitchens which usually enjoy a lovely setting close to the green mountains and surrounded by coconut trees as well as a graceful lake, are the best places to enjoy the local green homemade dishes from food grown on the farm for guests.
6. Bulongsai Country Tourism Zone 布隆赛乡村文化旅游区
Located 500 meters from the Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone, and about 30 km from downtown Sanya, the Bulongsai Country Tourism Zone is a newly developed area with two-story villas lining both sides of the road secluded by tall green trees.
Here visitors can enjoy tropical views and local Li ethnic treats, such as rice cooked in bamboo and homemade wine, as well as home cooked dishes that are organic and provide ample sustenance.
Finally, the fresh air and simple country life in the area will make any tropical sojourn here a uniquely relaxing and natural experience.