Waterfalls are beautiful scenic wonders that many of us love to view and enjoy. Whether it’s looking at the real thing or seeing a waterfall in a photo or picture, it almost always brings about a sense of calm and serenity. As Hainan has a lush tropical climate, it is home to several natural waterfalls.


Hainan is known as a tropical paradise for a number of factors, and its beaches and blue skies are two of the most well known of these reasons. Another reason that Hainan is so revered as a tropical getaway is the abundance of waterfalls that it has to offer visitors.


Here is a list of the top 5 most beautiful waterfalls in Hainan:


1. Fengguoshan Waterfall 枫果山瀑布,陵水



Located northwest of the Diaoluoshan National Rainforest Park (吊罗山国家森林公园) in Lingshui County, Fengguoshan Waterfall is the largest waterfall in Hainan.


The waterfall consists of 4 separate falls, namely, Xianlei Waterfall, Bingxin Waterfall, Sigui Waterfall and Caihong waterfall.


The waterfall is over 60 meters wide and has a maximum drop of more than 150 meters.


During the flood season, the water rolls down like thousands of horses galloping and shakes the ground and the hill, offering a breathtaking event. For those living in urban areas, wandering amongst the lakes and falls can give visitors a feeling of returning back to nature.


2. Taipingshan Waterfall, Wuzhishan 太平山瀑布,五指山



The Taipingshan Waterfall, situated on an 800-meter-high cliff on Mount Taiping, is one of the top attractions in the Mount Taiping area.


During the summer, the Taipingshan Waterfall tourist spot is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. On the west of the waterfall there is a waterfall-watching pavilion. When visiting here the splashing view of the fall creates a fantasy world of water.


3. Lumuwan Waterfall, Danzhou 鹿母湾瀑布,儋州



Located midstream down the Lumuwan River of Panjia Town, Lumuwan Waterfall is adjacent to Limu Mountain of Qiongzhong County and connected with the Songtao reservoir in the west.


Around the waterfall, there are continuous mountains and towering trees. The cliffs are as high as 20 meters and the waterfall has a drop of 7 meters. There is a crystal clear deep pool beneath the waterfall. Today, the waterfall has not been developed yet and still has all of its original ecological features.


4. Bawangling Waterfall, Changjiang 霸王岭瀑布,昌江



The Bawangling Waterfall is located on the Yajia Ridge with a height of about 1,000 meters in Changjiang County, Hainan.


As roaring water falls down, visitors can almost feel the force of it against the rocks. When in full flow during the monsoons, 15,000 cubic meters of water fall down the cliff every second.


5. Hongkan Waterfall, Baisha 红坎瀑布,白沙




Located 24km southeast of Baisha County, Hongkan Waterfall has a maximum drop of 145 meters. The charms of Hongkan Waterfall are a natural tourist draw. Its flow adjusts seasonally, and a reservoir behind the waterfall holds back some of the water.


The waterfall not just serves as a tourist attraction, but also serves as the source of electricity for the people of Baisha.