1942 Street (Republican China Street), the first project of the Haikou Mission Hills Huayi Brothers Fengxiaogang Movie Theme Town, recently has unveiled its mysterious veil.

The 1942 Street features settings from Feng’s movie “Back To 1942”, with the streets and architecture of Chongqing in the Republic China period as the backdrop. It has 96 buildings emphasizing the different architectural styles which prevailed during the Republic China period, producing a rich visual effect.

Aside from the 1942 Street, the project, located on a 1400 acre site at Mission Hills Haikou, also boasts Socialism Street, Nanyang Street, and a Movie Set & Landscape District showcasing the historical revolution in Chinese architecture from the last century. Bringing together an array of international brands, gourmet cuisine, fine dining, entertainment, shopping, cinemas, cafés, music stores, wine cellars, souvenir shops and boutique hotels in one location.

In addition, the project will see the construction of five or six professional movie studios with the supporting filming facilities, and right now a 8,000 square meter studio is under construction. With the benefit of its tropical climate, the developers believe Hainan Island can be a major destination for TV and film makers in China and abroad.

The first movie-themed tourism complex named after a film director, the movie-themed project was jointly launched by famous Chinese film director Feng Xiaogang, Huayi Brothers Media Group and Mission Hills Group, which is expected to be fully completed at the end of 2014.