Laoye Sea
Laoye Sea
As a green seafood production base in Hainan, the Laoye Sea is a good choice for a holiday visit around the Shenzhou Peninsula area.
The Laoye Sea Port is located on the west of Shenzhou Peninsula of Wanning City, 112 km from Sanya.
The Laoye Sea, which stretches a length of 26 kilometers, is a natural breeding zone for a variety of tropical aquaculture species. Wanning’s most famous seafood offerings, including Hele Crab, Gangbei Shrimp, and Hou’an Mullet come from the Laoye Sea.
Laoye Sea Port has long been famous for its green seafood produce, and now the region is emerging as a major seafood destination with plenty of delicious options for foodies, gourmands and anyone else who enjoys good seafood.
Unlike the large scale resort developments designed to reinvigorate the Shenzhou Peninsula as a new tourist destination, it’s worth noting that the Laoye Sea is a piece of original sea gulf that has not been excessively exploited.
Laoye Sea Port is home to a thriving fishing industry. Houses and businesses float on giant rafts, in-between fish farms. The fishing rafts are residences as well as places of business for local fishermen. Here visitors can not only take advantage of seafood caught fresh on the day but also enjoy the dishes with a gentle sea breeze and a spectacular sunset.