Surrounded by ocean on three sides and covering an area of 24 square kilometers, Shenzhou Peninsula is one of Wanning’s most appealing tropical destinations.
A wide variety of leisure facilities, including a 36-hole golf course, luxurious five-star hotels, a marina club and residential areas that boast breathtaking views of the beach are being put into operation incrementally to the delight of holidaymakers.
Once visitors are bored with the sand beaches and indoor spas of their resorts, there is an almost unlimited number of activities to take part in the Shenzhou Peninsula area, ranging from gentler family activities to the most adventurous water sports.
While you’re staying on the Shenzhou Peninsula, you can book trips from the hotel to regional sightseeing hotspots, and Riyue Bay, Dazhou Island, Xinglong Tropical Garden and Nanwan Monkey Island are all great places to start.
Riyue Bay
Surfing is the biggest attraction of Riyue Bay given its consistently good surfing waves, particularly from October to March when a north eastern swell develops bringing larger waves to the east coast of the island.
This area has become the focus of the island’s surfing activity with several international surf competitions being held there in recent years.
Dazhou Island (Bird’s Nest Island)
Dazhou Island, also called Bird’s Nest Island, covers an area of 4.3 square kilometers, and is the largest island off the coast of Hainan.
It is also the only home to China’s unique Jinsi Swallow. The well-known Dazhou bird’s nests are produced in this island.
Dazhou Island is also a popular sightseeing location, which is divided into southern mountain and northern mountain with a 500-meter long beach in-between. The island is one of the national ocean natural protection regions, and surrounded by crystal clear water teeming with wonderful marine life.
Xinglong Tropical Garden
Occupying an area of nearly 40 hectares that bursts with 1200 varieties of tropical plants, the Xinglong Tropical Garden has six display areas including fruit, forest, garden, herbal medicines and rare plants.
The garden was chosen as one of the four environmental education bases and special gene banks by the World Environmental Protection Organization and is nationally recognized as the first National Environmental Education Base.
The garden also has separate research, plantation and recreation areas. Visitors can enjoy free coffee, cocoa and tea produced right there in the garden.
Xinglong Hot Springs
There are more than a dozen hot springs here in the resort area with temperatures at around 60°C all year round. The water contains multiple micro elements and radon which is believed to have curative effects on a great many maladies, particularly arthritis and skin disorders.
Nanwan Monkey Island
Nanwan Monkey Island is a special primate preserve which will let you explore the wild side of life.
More than 2,000 macaque monkeys inhabit the 1,000-hectare (2,470 acre) island, where the warm and wild environment and huge variety of plants and fruits make a perfect paradise for monkeys.
Visitors can ride on the longest transoceanic cable car while enjoying the wonderful view of the ocean, taking in the wonderful sights including rows of neatly lined-up fishing rafts by the shores and thickly-vegetated mountain ranges.
October to February are the best months to visit Nanwan Monkey Island.