Wuzhi Mountain
Wuzhi Mountain (Chinese: 五指山; pinyin: Wǔzhǐ Shān; literally "Five Finger Mountain") is the highest mountain in Hainan, towering 1,840 m above the center of the island.
The surrounding areas of Wuzhi Mountain are inhabited mainly by the Li ethnic group. It is located beside Wuzhishan City.
Various Li myths concern the name for the mountain (Five Finger Mountain) and its formation. The overall shape extends like the five digits of a hand. One legend has it that the five mountain peaks are the fossilized fingers of a dead Li clan chief. Another tale is that the five peaks are dedicated to the five most powerful Li gods. In fiction The Journey to the West, it is also described as the hand of Sakyamuni and that the legendary Monkey King cannot escape from its control. Numerous historical poems have also been written about the mountain, the most famous of all by the Hainan writer, Qiujun.
A visit to this area will reward you with the scenic wonder of the main peak, impressive waterfalls and for the adventurous an opportunity to float down the mountain streams. Here too you can have a taste of the special customs and culture of the minority of Miao and Li.
The first finger of the five main peaks reaches skywards with a height of over 1,300m (4,265 feet). The second finger is the highest, all of 1,876m (6,155 feet). There is a natural bridge formed by a huge rock linking the two peaks. Legend tells us that wonderful children and fairies often play on this heavenly bridge. Both peaks are accessible and you can climb to the top for a bird’s eye view of the very significant grandeur of their surroundings. The three other peaks are hard to climb but the effort to climb the main peaks is justly rewarded when you feel the experience of riding the clouds and surmounting the mist.
Wuzhi Mountain is high and steep, with a complex land form, and verdant forest. The abundant water resources feed groups of waterfalls, the most impressive being the Wuzhi Mountain Waterfall on the north face of the first peak. This has a height of 1,000m (3,281 feet), and is a grand sight. The various water falls have created a series of deep ponds as they cascade down to the great Wuzhi Mountain Canyon.
A boat ride through the great Canyon is a thrilling experience. Starting from the dam at its head a gentle current carries you through picturesque surroundings. Above you is a blue sky dotted with white clouds as you wonder at the green forests and rocks shaped by the water over thousands of years. However, this placid drift does not last as the water begins to plummet down the steeper reach resulting in the excited screams and laughter of the passengers.
You will have the chance to witness and feel something of the lifestyle of Li and Miao nationalities: getting to know their customs, appreciating their folk song and dance, tasting their special foods. The 3rd of March of the lunar calendar is their traditional festival when the young people set out to pursue love and happiness. On that day, everyone will wear their finery, drinking, singing and dancing in the open air till the midnight. By planning the time of your visit you will be able to enjoy something of this happy event.
The best time for visiting Wuzhi Mountain is between November and April the following year, while the best time for taking a trip down the canyon is from July to October. This area is an ideal place to visit if you want to avoid sunburn while escaping from the cold of more northern climes.

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