Haikou Shishan Volcanic Colony National Geopark, one of the third batch of the national geoparks approved by the Ministry of Land and Resources of P.R.C., is located in two counties of Shishan, and Yongxing, and is 15 km southwest to Haikou. It covers an area of 108 sq km.

The park is located to the south of Leiqiong Rift Valley, overlooking Qiongzhou Strait on the north. There are typical geological remains of rift valley formed by basic volcanic activities. It’s one of the rare dormant volcanic colonies that still had eruption activities in the Holocene (about 10,000 years ago) in China. It’s also the only "city volcanic colony" located in the provincial capital in China.




What to See (the Main Attractions)

[ Volcanic Colony] The main spots include Ma’anling ("ling" means "mountain with roads on the top"), Leihuling, Luojingpan ("pan" means "mountain with roads around it"), Yongmaoling, Shuangchiling, Yiziling, etc. [ Lava Tunnel] The main spots include the Immortals’ Cave, 72 Cave, Burning Dragon Cave, and Lying Dragon Cave.



[ Lava Landscape] Column-shaped joint formed by volcanic lava, volcanic neck, natural well, natural arch bridge, gas cave, gas tube, lava stalactite, lava wall; lava in various patterns: bubble-like, ripples-like, pillow-like, breadlike, nose-like, rope-like; porous stone of lava. The view is amazing with all of these lava stones.

[ Tropical Rainforest] There are over one thousand kinds of plants, such as upas-trees, eaglewood, etc. There are also kinds of rare animals and birds, such as Huangjing (kind of muntjac in smaller shape), wild boar, fox, Hainan rabbit, pheasant, etc.

[ Ancient Villages] Most of the tools used by the villagers were made by volcanic stones, such as stone mill, stone mortar, and stone table. The main villages are Ruhao Village, and Rongtang Village.

[ The Folk Custom in Volcanic Area] The folk crafts of stone sculpture, porcelain, wood-carve, iron-instruments, bamboo weaving, etc; the traditional worshipping activities named "Jinggong", "Gongqi", "Poqi", "Junpo", etc.

Tourist Service

Traffic Tips

By the center line of Haikou-Tiandu, turn to Shishan Scenic Road at the point 11 km away from Haikou, and drive another 6 km to get to the park.
Turn to the Crater Green Corridor after driving on Hainan Road of the west highway for 5 km and drive another 7 km to get to the park.
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