Mt. Qixianling National Forest Reserve in Baoting Hainan
Mt. Qixianling National Forest Reserve has the largest natural hot spring tourism area in Hainan. It features hot springs, unique peaks, rich ethnic customs and tropical idyllic scenery. Located 10 kilometers from northeast Baoting County, it consists of Mt. Qixianling and Qixianling Hot Spring Resort.

Mt. Qixianling is also named Qizhiling which is composed of seven green peaks looking like seven fingers.

Situated at the foot of the mountain, Qixianling Hot Spring Resort occupies an area of one square kilometer and contains more than 40 warm springs. The average water temperature is about 70 ℃ although some reach as high as 94 ℃. The most attractive spot in the resort is a large natural warm spring on the north of the resort. It covers 2,000 square meters and the water depth is almost up to the waist. The water is fit to bathe in with a moderate temperature. One may get rid of rheumatism, ease pain and itchiness, treat skin diseases, relax muscles and joints and stimulate blood circulation by bathing here often.

It is unique that the hot springs can boil an egg. Baoting County’s chicken and little yellow beef have earned much praise from tourists. Five hotels of different levels are available in the resort.


1. The best time for climbing Mt. Qixianling is from November to April. You’d better avoid the rainy season from May to October;

2. The mountain peaks are very steep, which pose a great challenge for the climbers. You may climb up the mountain along the cable;

3. You’d better avoid taking hot spring bath immediately after drinking as it might lead to trouble;

4. Hot spring baths per day are restricted to 2-3 times;

5. You’d better drink more water before taking hot spring bath, but avoid drinking coffee or strong tea, for improving the effect of the bath.

Admission: 20 Yuan (For climbing Mt. Qixianling only); hot spring bath fee varies from 10-30 yuan.

Opening Hours: 7:00-18:30

How to get there:

1. Sanya Bus Station-Baoting Station. 16 yuan, 8:00-17:30, about two hours

2. Haikou West Station-Baoting Station. 59 yuan, 09:00-17:30, about three hours.

3. Baoting-Qixianling hotspring resort, 2 yuan

4. One-and-a-half hour drive from Sanya or Yalong Bay, 110 minutes from Sanya Bay, 100 minutes drive from Dadonghai or downtown Sanya.


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