Danzhou Stone Flower Caves Geopark
Within this scenic area there is a dry cave and a flooded cave, which experts confirm were formed around 1.4 million years ago.
The dry cave is around 1.5 kilometres long with only around 510 metres having so far been explored. Within its interior there are stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone flags, stone waterfalls, tongues of stone, curled emery stones, aragonite flowers and single crystal calcite flowers. These fascinating formations are not only mesmerizingly beautiful but also of great scientific interest, the curled emery stones for example still to this day have no scientific explanation.
The flooded cave is around three kilometres long and at the present time only 250 metres or so has been properly explored. At its deepest point, the water in the cave is seventeen metres deep with the width varying between three and fifteen metres. The interior of the flooded cave has a peculiar shape with a huge stalactite joining the apex of the cave to the floor. Natural wonders abound in this fascinating subterranean wonderland, which is also the home to the endangered, extremely rare and national level protected Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus).
Address: Danzhou, Hainan 儋州石花水洞地质公园
Tel: 86-898-0898-23760306
Entrance fee: RMB 68
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