Sanya Pearl River Nantian Hot Springs
Eastern Hainan
1). Qionghai
Travel south from Haikou about an hour and a half on the East Expressway to get to Qionghai City. This region includes the beautiful Wanquan River, the Permanent Site of the Bo’Ao Economic Forum for Asia, and Dongyu Island. It is also the home of the legendary "Red Women’s Brigade" from the revolutionary period. Located to the East of the Island, Famous both domestically and internationally as a "spa town" Qionghai offers the most comprehensive spa and relaxation packages in all of China. It is definitely one place not to be overlooked as part of any trip to Hainan.

– Guantang Hot Springs

Located in the foothills of the Baishi Ridge, it is hard to find a place like Guantang anywhere else in the world. The heavy concentration of minerals such as sulfur and hydrogen sulfide creates a rather strong "rotten egg" smell, but the other minerals, which include fluorine, silicon, and strontium chloride, make the water so relaxing and have such a pleasant effect on the skin and circulatory system, that it is very easy to overlook this minor problem.

Water temperatures range from a pleasant 30oC to a hot 45oC. Local residents of the area have used the hot springs since time immemorial to cure aches and pains, heart conditions, skin conditions, as well as chronic diseases. In Chinese traditional medicine it is believed that this sort of hot spring will dispel wind and dampness. Medical experts in recent years have also explained the positive effects that bath therapy has on skin, the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, nervous system, as well as kidney function. The natural flow of Guantang is around 10-15 liters per minute and ranges in temperature from 52-68oC.

From Haikou take the East Expressway 88 kilometers. Get off the Expresswat at the Qionghai/Tunchang/Bo’Ao Exit and travel 24 kilometers east on the S201.

– Guantang Hot Springs Recreation Center

The hotel features low and high temperature pools as well as a 7200 swimming pool. Since it was built, numerous Chinese and foreign dignitaries have visited this hotel.
Office: Guantange Hot Springs Tourism Development District; Qionghai Country
Phone: +86(898)6280-2888

– Baishi Ridge Hot Spring Holiday Village

This resort features a selection of over 30 different varieties of aromatherapy and medicinal pools. Visitors can enjoy the enchanting scenery and the hot springs at the same time.
Office: Baishi Ridge Scenic Areal; Qionghai Country
Phone: +86(898)3683-3555

– Fuhai Hot Spring Holiday Village

There are more than 60 different pools here with a wide range of temperatures, medicinal uses, and aromatherapy treatments. There is even a pool with gararufa fish to gently nibble way at your dead skin.
Office: Guantang Hot Spings Toruism Development District; Qionghai Country
Phone: +86(898)6280-2088

2). Bo Ao

The permanent home of the Bo’Ao Economic Forum for Asia is located at the junction of the South China Sea and the Wanquan River. It is a beautiful natural area with a wide range of activities including eco-tourism, golf, recreational facilities, and high quality MICE service. The Dongyu Island hot springs located at Bo’Ao are a rare luxury and an indulgent pleasure.

– Dongyu Island Hot Springs

The Dongyu Island Hot Springs were built with investment from the Cosco Bo’Ao Development Co., Ltd. Adjacent to the world-renowned Bo’Ao Economic Forum for Asia and the Sofitel Hotel they feature a total area of 78,000 square meters. These open air springs are a real treat, and offer bathers the rare opportunity of beautiful ocean views while they enjoy the warm springs. The mineral content of the springs is up to nearly 75 grams of sodium per litre making it the saltiest spa on Hainan Island. The natural water temperature is as high as 72oC. The physiotherapy, rehabilitation, health and leisure facilities here are among the most comprehensive in Asia. Tastefully decorated with slabs of Yunnan marble, this is a spa wonderland with tropical beaches and aromatherapy treatments ranging from lemon to coconut milk, ginseng to aloe and mint, roses to lavender, coffee and even tea.

From Haikou go south on the East Expressway about 100 kilometers Exit at Shibapo and go a further 12 kilometers in the direction of Bo’Ao.

– Sofitel Bo’Ao

The Bo’Ao Sofitel is currently the largest hot spring hotel in Hainan. Experience the twin pleasures of seeing the sea while you soak in the hot springs.
Office: Dongyu Island, Bo’Ao Town; Qionghai Country
Phone: +86(898)6296-6888

– Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel

Golden Coast Hoe Spring Hotel has large, medium and small hot spring pool and spa houses. The landscaping of the gardens was inspired by Bali.
Office: Jinhai’an Avenue, Bo’Ao Town; Qionghai Country
Phone: +86(898)6277-8888


Your last stop on the eastern side of the island is Sanya. Known in ancient times, as Yazhou or the "Deer City", Sanya is located at the southernmost tip of Hainan. It is home to some of the best coastal scenery on the Island, as well as the majority of Hainan’s most scenic areas. It is not an exaggeration to say that Sanya’s sun, sea, and beach make it truly unforgettable, and it is not surprising that Sanya is widely known throughout China as an Oriental Hawaii.

Pearl River Nantian Hot Springs

The Pearl River Nantian Hot Springs are located in the Crabapple Bay Tourism District on the east side of Sanya Country. Another name for the Nantian Hot Springs is the "Heavenly Hot Spings". With a temperature of 57 oC, the daily flow is over 8000 cubic meters of water. According to the Chinese Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources hot springs with such a high flow rate are very uncommon throughout the world.

Ranging from fluorine to silicon and beyond there are many useful minerals and trace elements in the waters at Nantian. The water here is not only beneficial to the skin but it also has a positive effect on the circulatory and nervous systems. It is said that bathing here can help improve both your health and physical fitness.

From Sanya go east 16 kilometers on the East Expressway. Exit at the Tengqiao/Linwang Exit and travel north a further 4 milometers on the G223.

– Nantian Hot Springs Holiday Village

This resort village has a large collection of hot spring pools ranging from very large to small. With facilities for both business and leisure there are a wide variety of features available ranging from private pools to spa villas. The day spa facilities are extensive. Aromatherapy ranges from red wine scented pools to coffee, vanilla, medicinal herbs, and coconut milk. There is also a fish spa, a wave pool, and a massage center. For a bit of fun there is also a small water park. The Chinese Tourism Industry has awarded recognition to the spa as one of the best domestic hot spring resorts.
Office: Crabapple Bay Tourism Area; Sanya Country
Phone: +86(898)8881-1682

– Tianyuan Hot Springs

Located in the heavily Islamic influenced Henghuang Town on the west side of Sanya, the Tianyuan hot springs offer over 80 different types of pools, baths, and jacuzzis. This was one of the first hot springs in China to offer Turkish fish spa therapy. A truly unique experience, which involves sitting very still in a large pool while fish gradually surround you and nibble away at your dead skin. It’s ticklish and pleasant sensation that will leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

Head waast on Yingbin Road. Once in Fenghuang Town make a left at the turn for Shuijial Village and go a further three kilometers.

Office: Shuijiao Village; Sanya Country
Phone: +86(898)8834-0000

Fish Spa Therapy is a way of clearing out pores, expelling waste and toxins, and rejuvenating your skin. The fish pools are stocked with 3-4cm long gararufa fish, which naturally thrive in high temperatures. They feed on your dead skin and the various microorganisms that also thrive there. When the school of fish pecks at you it tickles in a pleasant way. This kind of non-medical drug-free natural therapy is a good treatment for common skin disease, scars and fungal infections such as Athlete’s Foot.


Leave Qionghai and travel south a short while to get to the second stage of your journey, Wanning. The Wanning Country is located in the southeastern part of Hainan Island. Known as "Wanzhou" in ancient times, this region is home to a number of national 4A level tourist spots, including the Xinglong Tropical and Botanical Gardens. In addition to the hot springs, Wanning has a number of other activities to offer, such as also golf, mountain climbing, surfing or sunbathing.

– Xinglong Hot Springs

Located in the South of the Island, the hot springs at Xinglong were among the earliest to be opened to tourist development in Hainan. There are about a dozen naturally occurring springs here, with a high fluorine and soluble silica content. The year round water temperature is between 40oC and 78oC.

From Haikou travel about 160 kilometers south. Exit at Shimei and go a further 10 kilometers inland to Xinglong Town.

– HNA Kangle Gardens Resort Hotel

In addition to the warm and hot pools for adults, one of the special features of the Kangle Gardens Hotel is a wading pool for children. There is also a massage therapy center.
Office: Xinglong Tourism Development Area; Wanning Country
Phone: +86(898)6256-6888

Treasure Island Hot Spring Hotel
There are a wide variety of private spa pools with fresh flowers, Chinese medicine, fish and other spa treatments to choose from.

Office: 1 Wenquan Avenue, Xinglong Tourism Development Area; Wanning Country
Phone: +86(898)6255-5888

Central Hainan

The Autonomous Countries of Baoting Li and Mial Monority are located in the southern foothills of Wuzhishan (Five Finger Mountain to the non Chinese speaking population). It is often said that lovers of the ocean travel to Sanya, but lovers of nature visit Baoting. Throughout Hainan’s year-round winterless summer Baoting produces a huge variety of tropical fruits and vegetables. The area is still strongly linked with the traditional culture of the Li and Miao ethnic minority groups. The Seven Fairies Ridge National Forest is currently being developed into one of Hainan’s top new tourist destinations.

– Seven Fairies’ Ridge Hot Springs

Located at the foot of the Seven Fairies Ridge the hot springs are encircled by a belt of green forests. With natural pools bubbling out of the ground at temperatures near boiling, these represent some of the hottest springs in the whole of Hainan. There are seven naturally occurring artesian springs here with temperatures from 66oC upwards.

The Seven Fairies’ Hot Springs Area has two very special features. The first is a warm water lake with an area of around one quarter of a hectare and a water depth of around one metre. The other special feature is known locally as the Mandarin Duck River. Here a stream of hot water and a stream of cold water converge. A truly unique location, where at times bathers can be warm and cool all at the same time. The flavours of the local food offer a magnificent counterpoint to the natural environment. A special dish from the area is the "Hot Spring Egg"; soft boiled in the naturally heated water, the flavour is truly unique.

Take the expressway east from Sanya untile the Lingshui exit. Travel 46.5 kilometers on the S305 to Baoting. From there it is a further 6 kilometers to the hot spring area.

– Narada Tropical Resort

The hotel rooms at the Narada Tropical Resort all feature private spa pools. There are also fresh flower and herbal aromatherapy treatments and baths.
Office: Seven Fairies Ridge; Baoting Country
Phone: +86(898)8388-8888

– Litchi Garden Hot Spring Resort
This resort features private villas with private spa pools. Their signature aromatherapy treatment is a soothing blend of peppermint and medicinal herbs.

Office: Seven Fairies Ridge; Baoting Country
Phone: +86(898)8366-6666

Western Hainan

Hainan Island’s northwestern quadrant is home to the Danzhou Country. With Hainan’s second largest city, the Yangpu Economic Development Zone, and the historical Dongpo Academy, the Danzhou Country features a mix of emerging industry and ancient history. There are both hot and cold springs here in areas, which are, oddly enough geographically (if not geologically) quite close.

– Lanyang Hot Springs

The Lanyang Hot Springs are nestled in the foothills of Limushan and the Lanyang Plantations in Danzhou Country’s Lanyang Town. It is one of Hainan’s most famous hot springs and is especially well known for being tasteless, odour-less, and clear. There are over a dozen natural pools and temperatures range from 46oC to 83oC.

From Haikou City travel 118 kilometers on the West Expressway. Exit at Yangpu/Danzhou and go east on the S308 26km to downtown Danzhou. The hot springs are a further 11km southeast on the S307.

– Lanyang Holiday Vacation Village

In addition to bathing in the hot springs you can also eat food that has been cooked in the hot springs. Everything from meat and seafood to fresh fruit and vegetables are steamed or parboiled in the naturally hot water. The food is simple, fresh and tasty.
Office: Lanyang Town; Danzhou Country
Phone: +86(898)2335-5666

– Coastal Hot Springs/Tropical Cold Springs

On Hainan Island there are both geothermal and naturally cool mineral springs. Tourists may experience both varieties in the Haikou and Ding’An countries.

Haikou’s Hot Springs

A few thousand years ago this seaside tropical city was the scene of violent volcanic eruptions. Magma heated the groundwater so much that, even today, natural water temperatures remain above 50oC. The water is rich in silicic acid, fluoride, strontium, bromine, iodine and other trace elements.

– Haikou Sheraton Hot Spring Resort

The Sheraton has eight hot spring pools, Swedish massage, royal spa treatement, Balinese massage, and hot stone therapy treatment.
Office: 119 Binhai Avenue; Haikou City
Phone: +86(898)6870-8888

– Hainan New State Guesthouse

With beachside barbeque, swimming pools, and hot springs the New State Guesthouse is already amazing. Add in Japanese and Thai massage and a bathhouse influenced by the style of Ancient Egypt and it becomes must-see destination!
Office: 111 Binhai Avenue; Haikou City
Phone: +86(898)6871-5666

– West Coast Resort

The special features of the West Coast Resort include Chinese Traditional Medicine aromatherapy, angelica herb aromatherapy, and grapefruit aromatherapy among others.
Office: Yanbing Peninsula; Chengmai Country
Phone: +86(898)6749-8888

– Crowne Spa Resort

Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, Hainan Crowne Spa Resort boasts the world’s largest indoor spa.
Office:1 Qiongshan Avenue; Haikou Country
Phone: +86(898)6596-6888

– Tropical Cold Springs

Longmen Town in the Ding’An Country is home to the Jiuwentang Cold Springs. There are nearly a dozen naturally occurring springs here all with temperatures of 23oC to 25oC. Being located in the tropics means that these pools are often significantly cooler than the outside air. The daily volume of water production is about 40,000 litres, the largest cold-water flow in Hainan. The springs are odourless and colourless with a fresh crisp flavour. With high mineral content Cold Springs and Hot Springs have much the same function of detoxifying your liver, promoting health, enhancing immune function, and adjusting the autonomic nervous system. Cold Springs are great for the treatment of chronic diseases and have significant cosmetic effect as the minerals seep in through the skin.

From Haikou, travel south on the East Expressway about 80 kilometers. Take the Huangzhu Exit and go a further 14 kilometers west to Longmen Town. From there it is only 6 kilometers to Jiuwentang.

Note: Because the Cold Springs have only recently begun to be developed there are few hotels and thus fewer services available. It is suggested that you bring your own food and supplies with you.

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