8 reasons to visit Hainan – China’s best tropical resort
Eight is considered to be a lucky number in Chinese culture, (meaning rich), so we have prepared 8 reasons why Hainan will offer you a truly rich holiday experience.

An authentic holiday experience

Think of the importance Hawaii holds to the United States and you will begin to see the significance Hainan holds in the minds of the Chinese. Now substitute the high-rises and crowds of Honolulu for empty beaches, perfect crystal clear water, sleepy mountain towns and pristine virgin rainforests and you are starting to get a clear picture of this unique island wonder. Think Fiji seasoned with a different culture, Thailand without the crowds or Hawaii with a Chinese twist. Experience the authentic and unique culture of China’s most diverse province, while enjoying the stunning views and surrounds of an Island paradise and get to know Hainan.

World-renowned beaches

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of China is probably the Great Wall, the last, beaches. But Hainan is home to some of the finest in the world. With a sumptuous coastline that hugs a stunning turquoise expanse of the South China Sea and features beaches that stretch out for kilometres. The best thing about swimming on a Hainan beach, is that you never have to worry about losing sight of your towel amongst a sea of sunbathers – the relative unknown status of the island means that the beaches are virtually free of tourist crowds. So relax and experience a side of China that until now has only been reserved for locals.

Tantalising cuisine

Next to secluded beaches, fresh seafood is Hainan’s most valuable commodity, served in the distinct flavour of the locals and with influences from all regional schools of Chinese cuisine. Almost everywhere you go, local merchants offer their own taste of Hainan’s seafood – prawn skewers, oysters, abalone, lobster, accented with the tantalizing spices and flavours of the island. Tropical fruit is also in abundance, with mangoes, coconuts and star fruits almost omnipresent – from street-stalls to your hotel bedside table.

Unique cultural experiences

One of the most impressive and inspiring destinations in Hainan is the Nanshan Buddhist Cultural Zone. Located around 40 minutes from the Southern Capitol Sanya, it’s one of Asia’s most important Buddhist sites and provides visitors a rare insight into traditional Buddhist culture. Encompassing more than 50 square kilometres of untouched rainforest, the site features numerous Buddhist temples and gardens, back-dropped against a scenic mountain landscape. The highlight of the Zone has to be the impressive 108 metre statue of the Buddhist deity Guan Yin, the fourth largest statue in the world, its distinct form juxtaposed against the gleaming South China Sea vista, casts a truly ethereal, otherworldly sight that you will never forget.

Exotic wildlife

Another must see on Hainan is Nanwan Monkey Island. Located about an hours drive from Sanya, the Island serves as a tranquil wildlife sanctuary where hundreds of free-roaming monkey’s swing from tree to tree, live by there own set of rules and enjoy a peaceful cohabitation with human visitors. It’s the only ocean-side natural monkey reserve in the country and home to over 1,500 monkey’s, living in a vast jungle wilderness. Walking through this unique jungle habitat, you have to keep a tight grip on your camera, as it’s not uncommon for some of the cheekier ones to dart right in front of you and try to wrestle it from your hands!

A different side to China

Hainan is a refreshing change from the preconceptions usually associated with the Mainland. While standing astride a busy intersection in Sanya’s bustling city centre, you get the feeling this isn’t a typical Chinese city. The cacophony of traffic, enterprising locals hawking their wares by the palm-tree lined roadside, the sight of tut-tut’s weaving in and out of the errant flow of island-style traffic paints a scene more akin to somewhere in Vietnam or Thailand. So it’s little wonder the Chinese refer to Hainan as their piece of South-East Asia. Returning home with tales from China, of crystal clear-blue ocean, white sandy beaches and days spent soaking up the sun is a truly different side to this amazing country.

Honeymoon Paradise

Celebrate the most important day of your life together, in this tranquil, tropical setting, guaranteed to inspire memories that will last a lifetime. With a gorgeous mix of silvery secluded beaches, sparkling ocean views and gently swaying palm trees, Hainan is the perfect location for any romantic getaway. Only in Hainan can you embrace the true essence of your love amidst the warm azure embrace of an underwater wedding auditorium, or simply enjoy a romantic candle lit meal with your partner as you relax in the warm tropical breeze of an idyllic paradise. With luxury accommodation, world-class restaurants and service Hainan is the ideal location for any romantic escape.

Luxurious Hot Springs

With the highest density of hot springs anywhere in China, and the most complete and luxurious facilities anywhere in Asia, Hainan is the ultimate destination for rest and relaxation. The Nanitan hot spring or "Heavenly Hot Spring" as it is known locally is one of the finest in the world. With a full range of therapies offered, you can while away the afternoon being pampered with some of the most therapeutic and beneficial therapies for both the body and mind. With amazing treatments on offer such as the "Turkish Kissing Fish", a completely unique experience, which involves lying in a large pool, while fish surround you and nibble away at your dead skin, gently exfoliating your whole body. Get to know Hainan and experience luxury like never before.

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