Li and Miao Minority Village is located 28 km from Sanya, 49 km from Baoting Country (保亭县). The lush garden is planted with betel nut tree, a native plant to Hainan Island.
Betel nut, also known as Pinang or Areca nut, is the seed of the Betel Palm. The tall palm with shallow roots that looks similar to the coconut tree. It has significant bearing to Li and Miao Minority people. They describe it as a beauty and slim girl. To chew betel nut fruits has become the habit of some natives as it can refresh their mind. Under these beautiful palm trees, you can not miss the handsome boy and charming girl who are ready for the Bamboo Dance.
The Betel Nut Park in Baoting, Hainan
Here you will have a chance to see the real minority costume and entry their old style hamlets. The Hamlets are divided into different type according to the marriage status, for unmarried young girl, there always will be one separated clay-made hamlet waiting for them. It is very interesting the girls like those boy with a good tree-climbing abilities.
For fun or for experience, here you can try their traditional wedding ceremony at extra charge. They said Li Minorities are more friendly and docile than Miao Minorities. Believe it or not, you will find out when you entry some part of this garden, Miao people are somewhere hidden from you, you will be told by the guide that once you meet Miao People, you have to shout "Hoha, Hoha, Hoha" at least three times, the more often, the better, or you will be "shot" by Miao.
As a special treat, Miao people will present you with an amazing and incredible "Fire and Knife" performance. It will take about 3 hours to tour through the whole garden. It is very much worth a visit once you are in Sanya.

SOURCE: Sanya Web


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